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At UOAlive, we believe in a fair and inclusive environment, where everyone can have a voice and be heard. That is why we have a team of dedicated volunteers, working together to bring the best experience possible to all players.

Allow us to introduce you to the incredible team of UOAlive!


New Player Companions (NPCs)

First up, we have our New Player Companions (NPCs). These volunteers are the first point of contact for all new players and are the face and voice of UOAlive. They are here to assist with introducing new players to the game, giving out the new player tokens if a player wishes to redeem one, and just put a face and voice to UOAlive's personality first and foremost. They are the ones who answer all tickets regarding the New Player Tokens and are very active in the discord channels assisting with questions and offering their help where they can. Being an NPC is not just a role, it is a calling. These players are rewarded with Sovereigns for their excellence in great tickets, interactions, etc., but they do it out of their passion for the game, not for the rewards. It is a great honor to be a New Player Companion and the UOAlive team is always looking for new candidates who embody the UOAlive mission statement, are knowledgeable about the game, and are willing to help others.

This role is a nod to the past, as NPC's existed a long time ago in the original game of Ultima Online and were all volunteers just like here. The program was cancelled much to the dismay of the player base, but we wanted to bring it back to life at UOAlive.

At UOAlive, we take our Safe Space commitment very seriously and the role of the New Player Companion is key in upholding this commitment. If you ever need to speak with an NPC, please open a help ticket and they will be there to assist.
Please remember if you truly need help call the appropriate professionals, you are not alone: https://www.apa.org/topics/crisis-hotlines

Event Managers (EM)

An Event Manager (EM) is a storyteller and architect of adventures within our virtual realm. 📖 They craft engaging narratives, organize server-wide events, and introduce surprise encounters to add magic to your UOAlive journey. From epic storylines that shape the server's lore to intimate encounters in dungeons, the EM's goal is to ensure every moment is memorable. ✨

The EM role draws inspiration from the rich history of Ultima Online, where these managers have been instrumental for over 25 years. Today, we're proud to reintroduce this esteemed position to UOAlive, keeping the tradition of Ultima Online alive and thriving. 🌟


UOAlive Mod(Moderator)

A UOAlive Mod, short for moderator, plays a crucial role in maintaining a positive and enjoyable gaming experience within the UOAlive community. Their responsibilities involve moderating the Discord server, the in game server, assisting with help tickets, and monitoring player logs in and out of the game.

One of their main tasks is to ensure that bad actors or disruptive individuals do not ruin the gaming experience for others. They actively enforce community guidelines and rules, taking necessary actions to address any violations and maintain a respectful environment for all players.

UOAlive Mods also play a supportive role in handling new player tickets and general inquiries from the community. They provide assistance, guidance, and answer questions to help new players get acclimated to the game and its mechanics. Their expertise and knowledge of UOAlive's culture and community dynamics enable them to provide accurate information and valuable insights.

Being part of the UOAlive Team, Mods collaborate with other team members to contribute to the overall development and improvement of the server. They actively participate in discussions, provide feedback, and help shape the future of UOAlive.

In summary, UOAlive Mods are integral members of the community who work diligently to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive gaming environment. They moderate Discord, the in game chat, handle help tickets, monitor player activities, assist new players, and contribute to the overall growth and well-being of UOAlive.


UOAlive Designers

At UOAlive, we have a unique team structure that differs from traditional game development teams. Rather than having GMs and Devs, we have a team of UOAlive Designers who play a vital role in ensuring that the game runs smoothly. As a non-profit server, we heavily rely on contributions from our community to keep things going.

Our UOAlive Designers are members of our community who go above and beyond to help out, both in front of and behind the scenes. They contribute by creating quests, helping to fix bugs, and debugging the code. They don't have access to any special tools or accounts, and only use their player accounts. They do have access to our code and are part of the UOAlive Team. Some exceptions may be made for event contributors and or those who wish to participate more than others, in which case we may even move them to Admins.

We believe in empowering our community, and our UOAlive Designers are a testament to that. We don't need titles to keep our passion for UO "Alive" - it's already ingrained in us.


UOAlive Admin

Lastly, we have our Admin, who acts as the voice of UOAlive. They are responsible for major announcements and work closely with all team members, having a deep understanding of the code base and the day-to-day happenings at UOAlive. They oversee the server, discord, website, marketing, and more. The Admin has made sure to bring on other passionate individuals to all positions on the UOAlive team, with similar mindsets to the UOAlive mission statement, but also different personalities than their own, to ensure that everyone has a say, different views, and ultimately balances each other out.

The UOAlive team is constantly communicating with one another, and no one person has more "say" than anyone else. We use an open form of communication in staff channels to make sure ideas are vetted and fleshed out before being presented to the community. In some cases, we even open it up to the community for more input!

Please open a Help Ticket in discord if you need to speak with any of the UOAlive Team. You can also utilize the Suggestions and Bug Forums, which the entire team check regularly.

Last but certainly not least...

UOAlive Reporters

The UOAlive Reporters are a dedicated group of individuals who are committed to bringing the community together through their volunteer efforts on the Community Newsletters. These individuals are responsible for scouring the server for the latest news and happenings, interviewing players, and compiling screenshots to create engaging newsletters that are enjoyed by both members of the server and outsiders alike.

Led by one dedicated individual, the UOReporters are 100% player-run and receive a monthly wage in the form of sovereigns as a token of appreciation for their hard work. Despite not having any special powers or access to UOAlive, these reporters are often the first to get their hands on exclusive "scoops" and tidbits from the server, but they are never privy to spoilers.

To become a UOReporter, individuals must apply to the existing team and demonstrate their passion for the game by honing their writing abilities and gaining an in-depth understanding of the happenings and happenstance within UOAlive. The UOAlive reporters possess a passion for the game that drives them to seek out the latest information and share it with the community through the creation of captivating Community Newsletters and their commitment to bringing value to not only UOAlive, but also to those who may be considering joining the server.

This player-run aspect of UOAlive is a nostalgic nod to the original UO and the old Stratics Newsies and serves as a shining example of what UOAlive stands for: passion, compassion, and diversity. It is this spirit that we hope to instill in all of our players and visitors, and it is what makes UOAlive such a unique and special community.

The UOAlive team is fueled by a passion for Ultima Online and the vibrant community it fosters at UOAlive. They pour their hearts and souls into their roles to create an immersive and enjoyable experience for all players. They are united in their mission to elevate UOAlive to new heights, and they are driven by a deep understanding of the inner workings of the game and its community.

Together, they form a powerful and dedicated team, committed to ensuring that every player who steps into UOAlive feels welcome, valued, and safe. This is what makes UOAlive, truly... Alive.


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DISCLAIMER: When sending Direct Messages, please be aware that any communication with a UOAliive team member(NPC > Admin), who is representing UOAlive in the conversation, is logged and shared with the entire team. Our commitment to full transparency is rooted in the belief that this benefits not only the team but also promotes our server's Safe Space guidelines. We prioritize avoiding any miscommunication among team members or UOAlive members. To prevent the "age-old trickle-down direct messages" effect, we use these logs solely to understand the overall temperature of UOAlive's community, keep the UOAlive team on the same page as we work as a cohesive unit, offer mediation if necessary, and monitor significant changes to the server and game code that may go unnoticed if sent in a Direct Message to a team member unable to help on that level. Rest assured that these logs are only used for these specific purposes and nothing else.

If mediation is needed to address actions of a staff member, we still request that a Help Ticket is submitted, but all parties involved will be removed from the ticket until the matter can be addressed and mediated between the parties together. This ensures that all parties are able to share their perspective and have a fair and impartial resolution. As always, we are committed to promoting transparency and maintaining a safe and positive community environment for all members of UOAlive.
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