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Custom Content UOAlive's Global Vendor Market and Vendor Search Tutorial

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Vendor search is a great tool to finding items all over the map that players put on vendors for sale! Here is how you use it.

First, left click yourself, you must be in a guarded town, click Vendor Search

Then type in the item you are looking for and hit SEARCH in the bottom right. If the item exists it will pop up in a new window right side. (Hint: for tamed pets, look up "Shrunken" for a powerscroll type "name of scroll (110" ex: "Fencing (120" )


Drag over an item to get more info:


PART 1: Vendor Search has been rehauled to work more like the Modern MMO's you are used to, We now call it the Global Vendor Market!
You can watch a full breakdown video here:

(The video was recorded before we finalized the numbers. All numbers such as fees per day etc are accurate in the written description below. The video is not. May re record. Prolly won’t. So just look below for #s after watching. Apologies.)

The key takeaways are:
  • Items can be purchased through the Global Vendor Market from any safe place you could use Vendor Search before without needing to find the vendor.
  • Gone are the need for maps, searching, hunting down, or finding a vendor that had an obscure "marker" instead of map, purchase items directly through the Global Vendor Market Gump!
  • Items in bags can be looked at and descriptions on bags can be read (this is great for selling full suits of armor or sets of rares etc)
  • 1662861035498.png
  • Shrunken pets will automatically show the stats via a LORE panel when you click on the animal to purchase it.
  • 1662861064955.png
  • All purchases made from the Vendor Market will take a percentage of the sale to help balance the economy even more. This can be adjusted to accommodate for special holidays and other events.
  • 1662861093132.png

  • Vendor Search no longer shows you your own listings! Thank jeebus!!
PART 2: Vendors have also been adjusted to fit better in this new systems:
  • Vendors now decay like homes with a 45 day decay timer.
    • You can view this timer from your vendors gump.
    • This will prevent the need to "register vendor market vendors"
    • This will prevent houses from not decaying in 70 days properly if a player does leave the server.
  • When this goes live all vendors start at a refreshed 45 days so you don't lose your vendor. You will need to be active and refreshing your vendor within 45 days after that for it to remain employed.
  • To refresh a vendor you just have to open it's gump or "control panel".
  • 1662860692666.png
  • Contracts of Employment have been reduced to 1000 gps to buy.
  • All vendors have had their charge per real world day reduced to the bare minimum of 2 gold per day to balance for the percentage taken by The Global Market.
    • On top of that, EVERY vendor will start with a balance of 120 gold! That means the cost of entry is technically only 880 gold and your vendors is paid for the first 60 days of employement right off the bat! Every day after that will cost 2 gold a day! Someone with 0 skills can kill a mongbat to cover that with ease!
    • 1662863102775.png
  • Commission vendor contracts have been removed from the server. (with the new system, these would be superfluous)
    • Buying these prior to the patch is a bad idea as they will be deserialized and you will lose the money and the item.
  • Vendor Rental Contracts have been removed from the server. (we may bring these back depending on demand, but in the 6 years we have been up we have only seen 10 used.)
    • Buying these prior to the patch is a bad idea as they will be deserialized and you will lose the money and the item.
We hope these changes not only lower the cost of entry into the Buying and Selling world of UOAlive's economy, but also encourage it to help keep it booming and fresh with only the latest and greatest items on the market and keeping old items from hanging on too long. Now you can put items up on the Global Market and test the waters to see what sells and what doesn't. Stop HOARDING! Turn your junk into GOLD! Don't wait for a PRICE CHECK, just LIST IT AND LET IT FLY!

As always with such a large feature, we do ask that you use the Bug Forums if you find any exploits or issues. Thank you again and we hope you love the new systems!
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