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Custom Content UOAlive's Invasions and Event Tokens Explained

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Invasions are a popular event in UOAlive, offering players rewards and a chance to participate in lore-rich experiences. There are several types of invasions, including weekly invasions, monthly invasions, and yearly or one-off invasions.


Weekly invasions reward players with specific resources, such as bods or a guaranteed Barracoon spawn(since champion spawns are randomized here), and can be found in Moonglow/Britain's Vermin infestation(Bods), and the Cove Pirate invasion(Baracoon).


Monthly invasions offer a deeper story and lore experience, such as the Invasion of Luna Dungeon, (lore can be read here) and powerful items can drop from all mini bosses and bosses alike. These events are meant to be accessible to all levels of players, but groups are highly recommended to complete them as they do get harder in difficulty as they progress.


Yearly or one-off invasions, such as the Undead Invasion of Trinsic and the Titan invasions in Vesper, run less frequently but offer similar prizes. Event-related invasions will not offer Event Tokens but Sovereigns, which can be used to make other stones more accessible to players.


When an invasion begins, players will see a red message in the bottom left corner of their screen indicating the location and type of invasion.


Same for when it ends:


Players can also type [invasions in game to see a schedule of all upcoming, present, and past invasions.



All invasions reward players with Event Tokens, these tokens can be redeemed for power scroll deeds or max level power scrolls in the Magincia Bazaar Magical Stone area.



Event Tokens can also be obtained by turning in Champion Spawn power scrolls to Mr White in the Bazaar for 5 tokens each.


Invasions are a great way for players to participate in exciting content and explore the rich lore of UOAlive. Whether it's weekly or monthly events, or rare one-off invasions, there is something for everyone.
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