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The New Magincia Magical Stone Exchange Plaza!

“What is it? And how do I get there?”

The New Magincia Magical Stone Exchange Plaza can be accessed by
  1. Go to your nearest moongate
  2. Click on special locations
  3. Select the “Magical Stone Exchange”.



“Okay, I’m here, now what?”

Now you get to look around and go shopping of course!

"What… why? How is this different from Vendor Search or NPCs, or player vendors?"

The Magical Stone exchange is a meeting place to allow you to get some extra rewards for your adventuring or event effort!

On each stone available are a unique assortment of items available for purchase with a variety of currencies.

Before I explain all of the stones currently available, I would like to first break into the main currencies used on The New Magincia Magical Stone Exchange Plaza which is broken down in full detail here: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/uoalive-currencies-explained.1258/ but we will also cover it here for a complete guide!
  1. Sovereigns / BritCoin
  2. Event Tokens
  3. Powerscrolls?
  4. Iron Ingots
  5. Gold

When it comes to The New Magincia Magical Stone Exchange Plaza, gold can be used for a number of things!

Currently Sovs can be mainly used on the following stones:
  • Dyes
  • Mounts
  • Consumables and Storage
  • Decorations
  • Transmog Equipment
  • Gold to Sovereign Exchange
  • Halloween Holiday Stone
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Stone
  • Christmas Holiday Stone
  • Fourth of July Holiday Stone
  • And expanding more everyday!

Sovereigns were introduced originally via the UO Store on OSI, but have more uses on UOAlive; you can use them to buy items in the UO store, but you can also use them for a number of New Magincia Event Stones.

“Okay, but in OSI I had to use real money to buy sovereigns”

Here you acquire you Sovereigns in game and never have to pay a dime to play. This server is 100% a NO DONATION or Pay to Win Server!

Ways to Acquire Sovereigns:

In game
invasions can award sovereigns based on doing challenges, protecting cities, weekly, monthly, and one off invasion events as well as seasonal! These are a great way of acquiring them!

Achievements: if you use the command [myachievements, a menu will pop up, the “points” on the achievements menu aren’t just a point of pride, but also will award you “Account Sovereigns” which are simply just normal “Sovereigns” and count toward your overall totals.

Your Gold can also be exchanged at the Sovereign Exchange Stone, which will allow you to purchase infinite sovereigns (assuming you have the gold) to be used at the Magincia Market as well as the UO Store.


BRITCOIN(BTC) is a simple currency, you acquire it by… being logged into the game. So not unlike real "bitcoin"... spending your electricity by playing UOAlive... who said you COULDN’T mine crypto while playing UO.

So you aquire these just by being logged in and doing anything in the world, but when you log out, why not leave your character hanging out in a "blessed areas", this not only gives you a bonus to BRITCOINS aquired but allows others to marvel at your amazing character standing proud to support UOAlive. This currency will slowly accrue in your bank account, and look like a “Pink” gold pile.

This goes into detail here: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/uoalive-currencies-explained.1258/

Eventually once you acquire enough BRITCOIN, you can use this to exchange for additional sovereigns!


Since this is an MMO of COURSE another source for these is... other players! Sovereigns that aren’t accrued from achievements are given to players in a ‘stacked scroll’ form, which allows you to buy and sell these sovereigns to and from other players! Using the vendor search, in game chat, discord, or just running around, you may find an additional source to sovereigns!

There is one more super secret way to aquire these Sovereigns: Discord Subscription / Patreon Subscription / Occasional Sovereign Sales, while UOAlive is a non-donation or pay to win server, there are still a few “real life” monetary means of supporting the server while acquiring sovereigns in the process.

“OKAY, I have SOVEREIGNS, but what now?”

Sovereigns can be used on the UO Store and the New Maginica Event Stones

To purchase any item off an event stone:
simply go to the stone, double click it, and then click on the desired item. Once you’ve selected it, a metal box will open with the selected item within it, as well as a pop up menu to confirm you desired purchase! Hit “Buy” and the item will be placed in your bag assuming you have the correct currency and amount of said currency.


Event Tokens used to be the main form of currency that was awarded from events, hence the name!

The event tokens are geared specifically toward the acquisition of powerscrolls, and the acquisition of “un-natural” 120 powerscrolls, such as 120 Arms Lore (not available on OSI).


The available items on the stone:
  • Random Powerscroll Deeds
  • Greater Powerscroll Deeds
The Random Powerscroll deed is simply that, a RANDOM 105-120 Powerscroll for 50 event tokens, or you can get a guaranteed SPECIFIC 120 Powerscroll from saving up 2,500 event tokens!

“I don't really like events, I prefer to do my own thing... can I get event tokens in a different way?”

You must seek, Mr. WHITE the Powerscroll Buyer!


Mr. White will take all of those ill-gotten powerscroll of your hand and reward you with 5 event tokens per powerscroll!

One of the benefits to UOAlive is that you don’t need to acquire 105-120 powerscrolls in ascending order, you can skip straight to 120 on a given pet or character.

You can read more about Powerscrolls and Champions here:

What this means is that there are going to be a number of powerscrolls that go un-used, which is why Mr. White can be beneficial, he can turn all of those stored 105 and 110 powerscrolls that you aren't using or selling into event tokens!

The Sea Market Vendor and IRON INGOTS for the Pirates! Yarrrrrr!

"Iron Ingots... as currency? Really? But WHY!”

UOAlive wanted to make the High Seas content more accessible so they greatly reduced the cost of High Seas equipment and placed it on a convenient "Sea Market Vendor" already crafted for you, you just need to provide the Iron Ingots! Save time, gold, and resources and get yer land lubber some sea legs!

Yarrrr! Ahoy there Sailor! If High Seas content be what ye are lookin' fer, then step right up to the Sea Market Vendor! All ye need is some good ol' fashion IRON INGOTS to stock yer vessel to explore Neptunes' Seven Seas! Take part in Sea based adventures without breaking the bank or your back!


“Well, WHAT ELSE does the New Magincia Magical Stone Plaza have to offer, this is awesome so far!”

IDOCS or In Danger of Collapsing Houses

If picking through others junk treasures is what you seek, but your pockets aren’t deep, then perhaps you would like to try your hand at scavenging other adventurer’s goods! Remember, patience is a virtue, and can also be rewarding!

The newly installed “Housing Assessor” will tell you enough information to get you to hunt high and low for the time old tradition, IDOCs (In Danger of Collapsing Houses).

This handy little device (once double clicked) will spill out valuable information that will tell you whether or not a house is in danger of collapsing, if it’s yellow, that means that there are houses that are greatly worn (less than 30 days left on this realm), or if it’s red, it indicates that there are houses that will be falling within 24 hours!


Moonstones to Felucca or Trammel
So you want to travel between facets, but do not want to go to a moongate, and swap, or use recall/gate or chivalry magics to get there?
Well the Magincia Moonstones have got you covered!


Free of charge, these relics of a former time, spawn out of the ground and can just be picked up! When you are on the opposite facet, dbl clicking these and planting them into the ground will bring you to the opposite faction in the EXACT same location as where you are standing. So if you are at X Y Z on Trammel and plant a Felucca stone you will get a gate that opens to X Y Z on Felucca! The only acceptation is guarded areas and if there is a house in your way on the other facet!


They are super useful for travel and also surveying for housing and the like!

The Holy Grail Quest Rewards Stone



This stone is designed to claim any “King Arthur Tokens” you’ve acquired by completing UOAlive's custom “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” questline! Feel free to read all about that here:

I won’t spoil too much, but please look into the quest and do your best not to speed through it the first time, it was a treat for sure for any Monty Python fan or UO fan alike.

I will say it does reward some unique items, as well as a very powerful tabard for any player, new or old.

The infamous Dress Form Transmogrifier

Head on over to Magincia Stone Exchange and fight in style!​

Just travel there through the special locations at the Moongates!

Pick your items on the stone.

Well, that should about wrap things up!

Thank you for looking at my guide to The New Magincia Magical Stone Exchange Plaza!


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