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Where can i find a Najasaurus to tame?


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There are 4 different types of new tame-ables in the world:

  • Exquisite - A different hue of a normal creature (collect them all)
  • Exotic - A powerful beast that may be a similar reskin with some different stats than other similar beasts. Can come in multiple colors
  • Rare - A very different version of an existing creature with different stats, tame-slots etc.
  • Legendary - A very very rare creature, with a one of a kind hue and stats.
In order to tame these harder hitting creatures you will need to adventure for them!

Instead of crazy timers we have made it so the mobs will share a spawner with other mobs. This means there is an RNG aspect to the actual mob spawning and you will need to fight your way through monsters to get it to spawn.

There are ways to know you are in the right place: the spawn will seem a little bit off for the area normally, and there will be sound ques as well as flavor text. So keep an eye out!


Some of these spawns have waves of beasts that must be defeated before you get to your tame-able creature!

We believe this is a happy middle ground for getting your epic pets an adventure versus a walk in the park, but also a rewarding way to get them as well! This caters to both casual players and hardcore. Ultimately making your time online valuable and not wasted.

We are continuing to balance tamable animals so the "Meta" is more diverse and fun. No one wants to have everyone with the same pets!

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