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Shard Support Information 

UOAlive wanted to do things different. Rather than ask our players to pay to play, we will only ever ask our players to publicize/support the shard in their own way. From reddit posts, Twitch streams, to YouTube videos, or just word of mouth; this is all we will ever ask.

Why Support UOALIVE?

• Your generous donations help keep UOALIVE free of donation coins and the pay to play model.
• All donations are spent on the betterment of the server, from advertising to web hosting to software licenses.

Can't afford to Donate? Help us popularize the shard!

• Posting information and media about the shard on various gaming sites and blogs.
• Contacting current and former Ultima Online players to let them know about UOALIVE.
• Internet advertising donations on other related websites.
• To learn more about the various ways to help the shard grow click here

Or donate via Discord:

Or donate via Paypal:

Crafting Worlds is the Parent Company of UOAlive and all donations go there.

Paypal allows you to easily make a one time donation or Patreon for recurring monthly donation to support UOALIVE.

Should you choose to subscribe you will get a special Discord role as well as a few other perks(listed on each Patreon tier)

Note: All Payments are handled via Crafting Worlds LLC Note: Paypal charges approximately 4.5% of fees on each donation. UOAlive receives 95% of the funds donated. is a subsidiary of, which will show up on checkout as the business name.