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5.13.18 - ACHIEVEMENTS And much more!


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  • An achievement system for skills, exploration, crafting, etc. Type [feats to see your achievements! We are starting with exploration and will add more as time goes on :)
Minor Tweaks:

Added a pet Resurrection Stone to Britain
High begging and fishing allow you to sift gold.
Gold can be sifted to convert into cash.
The goldpan is sold on the Gold Vendor.
Gotta spend money to make money!
With the Milkbucket you can obtain milk from Cow , or sheep , or Goat
You can Fill a bottle and drink it
You can fill a cheese form

With the cheeseform ( depend of cooking skill) you can obtain cheese from cow or sheep or Goat
With a HIGH skill in cooking you can obtain Magic cheese ( Like magic Fish but with an effect much longer)
The cheese form make 2 real Hour to produce 1 cheese