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Laying the framework for some upcoming items:
  • Framework for Melee enhancements installed. Testing on Test Server will happen before final implementation.
  • Allowing assistant clients such as UOsteam and Razor to toggle nighttime/daytime.
  • Implementing base work on Chaos versus Order system. In current state you will be able to choose a faction and purchase basic items. As time goes on we will have:
    • Dedicated Strongholds
    • Dye System for Faction
    • Faction Specific Mobs
    • It will be similar to the Good Versus Evil system of the Abyss Test Center on OSI. As well this will have bonuses such as PvM rewards, strongholds, and buffs. We will be implementing this slowly over time. Additions of PvP rewards and such to follow.
For more fun patch notes check out last weeks staggered patch additions! http://uoalive.com/forum/index.php?threads/5-13-18-achievements-and-much-more.454/
Location of the new Order Vs Chaos
The Virtue and Chaos Castles are located along the water and road North East of Britain.