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  • Redesigned rooftop don brit bank to allow for easier access to back of bank
  • Replaced Forge on bank with the casino slot machines for fun.
  • Removed Slot machines from tavern across from the bank.
  • Checked Britain and the server birth rares in this city: 2 of them remain! -
  • Added Brightblade to the Worldboss token vendor.(edited)
  • Cleaned up the Britain Streets by moving portals to new haven and tokuno to the building behind the west Brit Bank.
  • Simplified the bank roof and surrounding areas a bit to be less cluttered.
  • Added Kudos Vendor!
  • Adding a Steward to the Gold Sink Vendor and Kudos Vendor. http://www.uoguide.com/Steward
  • NEW PLAYERS: They now have a personal attendant token available in New Haven to spawn a guide to show them around town!
  • Added Shrine Tiles for House Deco http://www.uoguide.com/Virtue_Tiles
  • "Legendary" Dragons have had their moniker changed to "Unique" as they are more in line with that word considering their specialty powers.
  • Adjusted Unique Dragons skills slightly to better represent their special skills and fixed an issue with AI.
  • Archery/Chivalry Skill Scroll will be properly Hued now to not look like a Necromancy Spell.
  • Skills that will not use your skill cap and will be considered secondary skills: Begging, ArmsLore, Camping, Forensics, Mining, TasteID, Cooking, Fishing, Lumberjacking, Tracking

  • Boosted STR hitpoint value by 25% so if you had 100 str and 100 hp you will now have 125HP. This will help reduce one hit kills in PVP and PvE and will balance well with the melee pve changes coming soon! You will notice the combat will feel more like UOR servers now which allows for a lot of fun fights.
  • You can no longer access the brit bank roof if you are in combat or an aggressor, this is to make it so Order vs Chaos fights are not unbalanced. -
  • Adjusted Worldboss loot to be better on the corpse.
Good/Evil System:
First draft of this is in http://uoalive.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-ultimate-chaos-vs-order-pvp-system.460/#post-982

  • Wisps Fixed to only attack proper Evil(chaos) or Good(virtue) Faction
  • Added Castles for each faction located North East Of Britain.
  • Added Two Light Armor Sets to the Silver vendor to compliment the Plate Set.
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