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Drako Malfoy

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Hello Everyone!

I joined up a couple of days ago after being pointed here by a friend. Since I have joined I have been made to feel very welcome by the UO Alive community. Special thanks to anyone who has helped me get started here, you know who you are, you have been the morphine for the (usually painful) startup days and made it actually enjoyable.

I first played the original UO shortly after release, initially dumbfounded by the scope of the game I set about building characters utilising the seemingly endless choice of skills. After earning enough money for a house and roaming the world seeking a free spot to place it, the real work began.

I continued playing through T2A having quite a good time turning the tables on player killers by hunting with my trusty Halberd in hand, wearing an orc helm and a death robe covering up the good gear. They were always surprised when the "noob" they found reflected their spells, hit them for half their health per hit, and explosion / energy bolt combo'd them to death when they tried to escape.

I played through T2A in a Chaos guild because everyone wanted to be the Order hero so we got plenty of fights. I took some time out from UO for a while but returned for both Mondain's Legacy and 10th anniversary edition.

Over the decades (yes UO is old but still great) I have played on quite a few Emulator Shards the most recent of which was until early last year. In this time I have played an array of builds and used most skills to GM and beyond to the depths of the vast majority of dungeons right up to the current releases.

Aside from UO I have played an arsenal of RTStrategy games, FPShooters, Strategy stuff (all of the Total War franchise & Warhammers), Dungeon crawlers like the Diablo series, and MMOs: EverQuest, Age of Conan, WoW, Guild Wars 2.

If you see me around say hi! I will respond in kind. Most of my characters here will have Sol as a surname eg Dakkath Sol, Tahlia Sol. I know I'm new here but I may even surprise you with answers to UO questions you may have.

Thanks again for making me feel so welcome here in my first few days!

See you in game or on Discord.
I just finished building and customising my house in East Zento. It is the first one out of the town gates East of the Makoto-Jima Moongate.

Come around for a visit, I don't have any chairs yet, but there are walls and a roof!
Hello and welcome to UO:A!! I just went to see your home: It's beautiful! It was such a pleasure looking around, thanks for sharing!!