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Hey all,

Ive been hankering for some UO for a while and here I am. Been playing since 97, breaks here and there along the way but still found nothing close to UO.

Played always on the Europa server (as im from the UK) mainly as a Tamer/Mage called Topcat, never really had much end goal just liked killing monsters and looting gold!

That all changed when I rolled a character in "The Guardsmen Militia" arguable Europa's largest Roleplay guild. My years in game from then on were roleplaying a drunk, pirate, naval soldier in the militia and even after all these years I still cant shake the "Ahoy" as a greeting.

Ill be looking to re-roll my sailor on this server and keep him IC as best I can, as well as playing Topcat (my now Bard/Tamer).

Hope to see people around!