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Baelyn Enters the Fray!


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Hail All,
My name is Div, as my friends have dubbed it (literally 2 of them have ever even heard of UO, don't judge me). I've been hopping around from free shard to free shard lately trying to find one that suits me. Demise, typical start for Razor users, meh it's fine, UOForever, but it's too simplistic, I want my Necromancy! UO Excelsior is pve only, so that's a no go despite the very interesting customs they've added over there.

And thus I have landed here at UOAlive. So far, I'm only working on my skills in New Haven, but I'm hoping to jump out of there soon and join the fun. Stealth Necro Archer is making a comeback! Before long, you should see the name Baelyn floating around. Here's to hoping to have some fun with the rest of you in Sosaria. That said, I do tend to play at some interesting hours. I'm a night owl thanks to work, but I do play a bit in the evenings and early mornings.
Welcome Div give us a holla if you need anything! I run the merchants trading company guild and also owner if the merchants pub north of cove or west of covetous.