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Player Written Guides Crafting 100% Elemental Damage [Smith Type] Weapons


Make 100% Elemental Damage Smith Type Weapon
Step 1: Use non-runic smith tools, normal iron ingots and craft an exceptional weapon.
Note: You can equip an Ancient Hammer and or a Talisman with blacksmith bonuses to increase the chances of creating exceptional weapons.
Step 2: Standing next to a Soul Forge, use a Shadow Runic Hammer and target your exceptional weapon.
Step 3: When the reforge window opens select the following reforge options.
  • Powerful Re-Forging
  • Grand Artifice
  • Inspired Artifice
  • Choose Name >> Exquisite Quality
Generally 1 out of 25 reforge attempts will produce a 100% elemental damage weapon.

TIP: If the re-forge weapon has 60% Fire or 80% Cold damage you can still acheive100% elemental damage via enhancing the weapon later. see below

Finishing the Weapon
Once you have the weapon reforged with 100% Elemental Damage [or 80% Cold or 60% Fire] take the following steps in order.

Step 4: Use whetstone to remove the Damage Increase property [this is optional but you need to do it before imbuing].
Step 5: Powder of Fortification
Step 6: Imbue properties
Step 7: Enhance weapon [use Forged Metal of Artifacts tool for 100% success / failing will break weapon]
  • Bronze to increase Fire Damage 40%
  • Shadow to increase Cold Damage 20%
  • Gold to increase Luck +40

Some of this information was buried in the forums. A portion of this information was posted by Warrick in 2015 on this thread.