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Epic IDOC Encounters
Prepare to experience the most thrilling and immersive IDOC(in danger of collapsing home) encounters like never before. We have toiled tirelessly to enhance the IDOC experience, transforming it into an epic group-oriented quest that will leave you laying dead in a pool of your own blood breathless. Say goodbye to the days of reality TV Container Wars and Dumpster Diver scenarios. Get ready to call for help! “Holy Hell, an IDOC SPAWNED! We need your help to DEFEAT this IDOC!”

At UOAlive, we never intended IDOCs to be a mere walk in the park for easy loot. The PvM aspect of our server may have made it seem that way, but fear not! We have unleashed an incredible and engaging gameplay mechanic that will make you feel the thrill of a PK (player killer) threat. Brace yourselves for a true group effort, where teamwork is essential to claim the glorious group rewards that await you!

  • Due to New Mechanics: Strategic Decision Making, Teamwork, and Hard Choices will have to be made on how to tackle these new IDOC Encounters!
Some houses in these encounters offer loot drops that rival even the highest of high-end content. It's only fitting that the battle to acquire these precious items matches the epicness of the rewards themselves. Face challenging encounters, formidable monsters, and engage in fierce battles alongside your fellow adventurers. This is your chance to prove your mettle and emerge victorious with all the shinnies! But, beware, like Hansel and Gretel, if you come across a house filled with Candy, you may find yourself facing an evil witch! Don't let that deter you from putting breadcrumbs.

Remember, it's not just about the loot. It's about the journey, the challenge, and the camaraderie forged in the fires of battle. Only the strongest and most united groups will prevail in these epic IDOC encounters or watch the spoils of war decay into the ground where not even Spirit Speak can recover it. Are you ready to embrace the adventure that awaits you?

Get ready, brave adventurers. The ultimate IDOC experience awaits!

Here's what you need to know:
  • Items and Monsters: When a house goes IDOC, items no longer fall to the ground. Instead fearsome monsters that spawn through a mystical portal. The strength and number of monsters depend on the total items in the house. Prepare for intense encounters!
  • Monsters: Encounter a mix of regional and global creatures. There are three tiers, each guarding a different number of items. Defeat the monsters to claim your rewards! Watch out for Bosses!
  • Combat: Plan your approach strategically. Engage in combat, deal damage, and seize your well-deserved spoils! Find strategies that work for you. It will be difficult. No loot drops until all monsters in the encounter have been destroyed and forced back into their portal!
  • Challenges: Monsters are fiercely dedicated to protecting the hoard of loot they guard. Stay sharp as surprises await, and some monsters may even disguise themselves. Stay vigilant! Retreat is NOT an option.
  • IDOC Guardian: A demonic Succubus spawns at the portal. She'll taunt nearby players.. be careful around this one!
    Fight her or avoid? The choice is yours, the consequences are very real!
  • Clues and Tools: The new and improved “House Hunter” in Magincia, your ultimate tool for seeking out homes on the brink of collapse. This magical enhancement enables more frequent use, granting you valuable insights to guide your quest. Armed with a general idea of where to begin, keep your senses alert as you embark on the new thrilling hunt for IDOC houses.

    Clues and hints will pave the way to these exhilarating treasures. Let the House Hunter be your starting point for an epic hunt for breadcrumbs!
  • IDOC House effects will indicate when it is closer to falling to narrow down the waiting period: they appear anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours ahead of the house dropping.
  • Completion: As you progress, the portal that summoned the monsters will crack when you're halfway through the encounter. Once all monsters are defeated, the portal will vanish, signifying completion.
  • 1691686803195.png
  • LOOT for IDOCs drop at the end of an IDOC event: To qualify for loot at the IDOC, you just need to participate to the best of your ability by doing damage, healing, throwing explosion pots, whatever. All actions are accounted for and considered. At the end of the IDOC, a chest will appear and the loot that you qualified for will be in the chest. You will also be notified on whether you qualified for loot.
    • You will only be able to see your own loot and not the loot anyone else has received.
    • Feel free to trade amongst yourselves if there's an item you really wanted but it wasn't in your selection.
    • Items are distributed RANDOMLY to each qualified player.
    • IDOC Chests last 15 minutes and then disappear forever.
    • Known issue: sometimes in ClassicUO grid loot you need to open the chest twice to see past the client cap of 125 items.

      Reminder: These loot changes were made to foster fairness, fun, and teamwork! It's important to bear in mind that an IDOC represents the efforts of another player, and the possibility of not succeeding is inherently factored in(you will not always win). The ultimate rewards are reserved for the most battle-tested and well-coordinated groups. Brace for a true challenge – these encounters are designed to test your mettle.

  • Caution: Be prepared for unexpected twists and challenges during these encounters. They can be wild and may require you to adapt and overcome them. Stay on your guard and look for visual clues! Feel free to add these to the wiki!
    • Tip: Hiding at an IDOC may have undesired consequences.
    IDOC Effects are now individually toggleable. Use [idoceffects to toggle effects on or off.
Armed with this knowledge, prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey filled with fierce battles, precious loot, and exciting surprises. Embrace the challenge and claim the riches that await you in the IDOC encounters!
House Decay
  • House Decay Timers are changed from 90 days to a range of 50-70 days in the milestone.
  • All house durability classifications like "Like New" or "Fairly Worn" will now have variable time frames instead of fixed periods.
  • For instance, "Slightly" may fall within a range of 32 to 40 days, with a maximum of 40 days and a minimum of 32 days before it changes to the next condition. The range will gradually decrease as the condition deteriorates.
  • The IDOC (In Danger of Collapsing) will remain with the chance to fall between 5 to 24 hours.
Our aim is to enhance fairness and reward active gameplay, discouraging logins solely for refreshing homes. This new system introduces a random element in house decay to extend refresh times for active players. Players who login just to refresh homes will need to monitor their houses more closely to keep them within the 65-90 day range. These changes are not punitive; they promote fairness and a fair housing market for dedicated active players. Veterans can still maintain their houses, but may need to login more frequently if they don't actively participate. The new system aims to strike a fair compromise, allowing for growth while maintaining an equitable playing space for everyone, and prioritizing those who are active on the server. The minimum 50-day duration still provides ample time for house maintenance.
  • This won't affect vacations, military leave, emergencies, or other extenuating circumstances. Help tickets can be used to hold a home in such situations.
We providing advance notice for a smooth transition, giving players time to adjust their home refresh routines.

Happy, ACTUAL IDOC “Hunting”, brave adventurers!
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