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Past Events Fall Harvest Festival in UOAlive


🦃 Thanksgiving Happenings on UOAlive! 🦃

Greetings, brave citizens of New Haven! Some intriguing news about this year's Thanksgiving festivities. Hold on to your swords, because there's more to the season than meets the eye!

🔍 Giant Turkeys on the Loose!
Due to some mysterious happenings near the Ophidian Liar on T2A, Giant Turkeys or Turducken?? with a bad attitude are roaming the area. Asandos the butcher of New Haven denies any involvement in their creation but admits to carving up the dead ones for some tasty roast meat. Citizens, be cautious and armed when traveling in this area. They seem to put up quite the fight!

In the words of Asandos the Chef: "I did no 'sperimentin on em. But hell, the dead ones have some gooood meat on em, so I CARVE em up! That's right! I do! Want a roast chicken? Sell ya one fer 10 gold."

🦃 Thanksgiving Quests for All!
For those less tactically inclined, or anyone looking to feed a hungry pilgrim in New Haven, there are Thanksgiving events around town. A quest giver is seeking the help of newer adventurers. It's a chance to show your gratitude and contribute to the festive spirit!

🗡️ Khaldun Events Extended!
The Khaldun Events continue until the end of November, offering thrilling adventures for the bravest souls.

📅 Summary:
New Haven is alive with Thanksgiving excitement! Whether you're facing off against Giant Turkeys, embarking on quests, or partaking in Khaldun Events, there's something for everyone.

Join the festivities, feast on Turduken, and celebrate the season with your fellow citizens.

Oh and don't forget to check out the Magincia Stone Exchange for the Thanksgiving Goodies!

Stay vigilant, stay festive, and may your Thanksgiving be filled with adventure and joy!
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