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Active Events Featured Player Vendor Malls on the Public Moongates!


🌟 Attention Adventurers of UOAlive, get ready @everyone for Marketing Madness!


In our ongoing quest to enrich the realms and promote commerce, we are thrilled to announce a new opportunity for enterprising players:
Featured Player Vendor Malls on the Public Moongates! 🛍️💼

What's the deal?
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For the modest sum of 50 Sovs, you can now have your Player Vendor Mall showcased on the prestigious portal for an entire month. This is your chance to draw in customers from every corner of the realm and make your mark as a hub of trade and commerce! 💰🗺️

Why should you seize this opportunity?

Your mall will be prominently displayed on the Public Moongates, ensuring maximum visibility among all adventurers passing through.


Commerce Boost: Attract more customers, increase sales, and create a bustling marketplace within your mall.

Inspiration: Encourage fellow players to create their own vendor malls, fostering a vibrant economy in the realm. 🌈✨

Important Notes:

- Each slot is limited to 10 Player Vendor Malls per month, so act fast! 🕒
  • A fee of 250 Sovs Secures your Player Vendor Mall for a month of prime visibility.
  • A fee of 50 Sovs secures individual homes for a month(if spots allow)
- To ensure fairness, a player's vendor cannot be featured more than once every 2 months unless there are no other requests.
- In the future, as interest grows, we plan to implement an automated bidding system to make the process even more exciting and competitive!

How to Participate:

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Simply contact the realm's administration office (Help Ticket on Discord) with your request, and once approved, prepare to witness the magic of your vendor mall taking center stage at the Public Moongates! 🚀🌐

Let's make the realms thrive with commerce and adventure! 🛍️🌟🌍
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