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Greetings, and well met!


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Hello, everyone!

I am not only new to this server but new to this game as well. I remember trying Ultima Online before, but I never got very far into it. I did, however, spend a lot of time playing games like Everquest, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy XI/XIV for some MMO experience. Of course, I've dabbled in many MMOs, but those are the most memorable to me.

About my playstyle, I love themes and RP elements. I have named my characters after a book series that I am writing so that I will be able to feel as though I'm experiencing my own literary world. That being said, my IGN is Eran; however, you will see my top three characters as Heroic Eran, Sylvan Eran, and Draconic Eran. Also, I like color-coding things, haha. These are all of my accounts and the other characters on each account support the main three. I'm working hard to come up with how each will be set up to fit my theme.

From what I see, this community looks very friendly and inviting, and I am looking forward to meeting you all over time. Now, it is time to get back digging through the user settings of this game and trying to figure out exactly how I want to set all of this up!