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Hey up!


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Hi All
It feels good to be back playing the game!
I used to be a very power player in my twenties with lots of scripts which basically allowed me to do anything in the game unattended.

I come back to the game to enjoy the hassle of ultima a bit more, trying to play the game instead of farming it (which is gonna create a new experience for me)

I am going to be a casual player , unfortunately I have a very busy lifestyle which will allows me to play not as much as I would like to but... this is life!

I live in the United Kingdom so not very sure how many people I would see when I log in but I hope to share a few moments with you guys!

Nice to meet you!

PS: is there any chance to know the dates where messages are posted in the forum? Very difficult to track if a conversation is dead or not... ( I might be blind and don't see it in the posts)
Welcome! And enjoy :)
If it is on the forum it is still relevant. Discord killed the dates thing. Come say hello there!