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Patch Hotfix - 7/24/23


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  • Fixed the Crash from today. It was an obscure bug that has existed probably for over 10 years now and just finally had the right circumstances to trigger. Ha. Nice!
  • Barracoons music will play less often(a chance once every 45 seconds) and have a lower chance to proc(reduced over 20%).
    • Will only message you about biting clothing if he gets a piece of your clothing.
    • Will only message you about biting you in general if he poisons ya
      • Be aware the poison bite is triggered from spells, not Melee. This is what causes him to pull you in through his magic bardic abilities!
  • Insane Dryad Cooldown for gettin ya naked cooldown has been increased from 1 minute to 5 in next patch. (that was way too much)
  • Champion Spawn Finder "Innactive" changed to "Ready" for clarity.
    • Colors adjusted to match our UOAlive theme and be more legible.
  • Smaller IDOCs will now be a fun challenge to overcome and no longer just spawn a handful of monsters.
  • Vendor Search now looks at Vendor Item Descriptions as well.
  • Certain Dye tubs will not have a reset option
  • IDOCs now checks to see if there are campsites nearby. If so, they are "destroyed" when the house drops and deposited into the players bank box. (you are free to use these before and AFTER the IDOC drops and we loved seeing them. So feel free to use them strategically!)
  • Reduced the number of items monsters can carry across all tiers of IDOCs.
  • Increased the difficulty of monsters across all tiers of IDOCs.
  • Adjusted Terrathan Keep Spawn Radius a bit. Made it a bit larger.
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