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Hotfix + Early Patch notes (more at Sunday's normal time)


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So it was brought to our attention that there was a critical exploit for housing and we needed to hotfix. Well that means you guys and gals got some cool additions earlier than Sunday's Patch. There will still be a major patch on Sunday but here is everything you got early!

  • Critical Exploit with Custom Housing has been Fixed

  • Paragons now spawn at a lower rate but with a better loot system. Old Paragons still exist and once killed new ones will begin spawning. You will be able to tell the difference by the color.
  • Added Gold Sink Items:
    • Cellar Addon Deed
    • +25 slots for your bank box
    • Old Guild Stone Deed for deco purposes
  • The new enhanced guild system has been implemented. You cannot currently toggle your title, will be addressed in sunday's patch. For those who placed stones, you will be able to keep those as server rares.
  • Added Spellweaving System (will be implemented at a later date with quest)
    • This system allows you to pick specific stats to add and remove from items, weapons, armor.
  • A Special Jungle Tamable has been adjusted to be a normal mount.
  • Adjusted loot tables on higher end mobs to be more rewarding for risk: Ogre Lords, Liches, Dragons, Titans, Etc. More to come.
  • Adjusted House Decay timers to be between 25-30 days. The IDOC period is between a specific time frame which I won't post so IDOCERS can have some fun figuring it out.
  • There is now the normal 10k commit fee for custom housing.
  • Moved chromatic mini boss to despise level 3
  • Mob regen has been adjusted.
Once again there will be a patch on Sunday with everything else and completed some of these like the guild system toggle. Then next week we are going to focus on events!