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Past Events House Deco Contest 2019!


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Get our your creative hats, time to decorate and design your dream home!

There will be 4 categories to choose from

  • Most Unique Designed Custom House, any size!
  • Community Choice from above.

The Rules
  • Post pictures in this thread of your house, make sure to indicate which categories you are entering next to each picture of set of pictures.
  • Make sure to keep all your pictures for each entry in a single post.
  • The higher the resolution the better. (Avoid using razor screenshots, as they are low quality)
  • Any pictures posted between now and August 27th, 2018 will be considered for judging.
    Note: Make sure to post a variety of pictures of all decorated areas of the house!
  • Players can vote via a poll for their top entries!
  • For your vote to count you must have an established forum account.
  • On August 30th 2019 the winners from each category will be announced.
    Note: Should you have trouble taking screenshots of your house post the location of the house here and the staff will assist you.
Please use https://imgur.com/ to post images.

The Prizes:

  • The winner of each category will receive
    • A trophy and a sign placed on their house signifying their house as a contest winner
    • 500 Sovereigns
    • The choice between a furniture dye tub or special furniture addon.
Any pictures posted between now and August 27th, 2018 will be considered for judging.

On July 1st 2019 the winners from each category will be announced.

Hmm I think an edit is needed here!
Out of curiosity, once the sign is placed on the winning house would it disappear if the house was redesigned at a later date?
Makoto Abbey - Unique Designed Custom House

Located just East of the Makoto-Jima Moongate outside the town of Zento can be found the Makoto Abbey.

It was envisioned as the home of my Paladin and largely constructed from the Gothic Tileset.

Inside on the ground floor you will find the vast majority of the house storage, travel crystals, crafting areas, and displays of some less common items I have been able to collect.

Moving up to the First Floor reveals some dual height windows and the War Room with a collection of maps and Champion Skulls awaiting a Harrower party.

On the balcony are the Fountains of Life and Garden Beds that keep me stocked with Enhanced Bandages and Orange Petals.

The Second Floor holds further storage, a display of Champion dropped (and stolen) Decorative items, and balconies with flower gardens.

Finally we come to the rooftop which is primarily used as storage and crafting location for my Imbuer to create customised suits and weaponry.

Come around for a visit, The Makoto Abbey is always open.
No named castle - Best designed custom castle

This castle is better than all castles in existence. Located in fel next to the Yew moongate, it has a moat, towers and a cool cathedral/house!

From here you can enter though the gates to see the courtyard, prison, stables and treasure room.

It's so amazing you should just see it for yourself!
Fen's house - players choice

I mean really, how awesome is this place? Compact and clean and not like the other places in Luna that are just grass patches! Who else has a crystal garden with a working fire pit that you can hang by while listening to you favorite gearbox or Prince harpsichord track?

On the main floor there is a crafting area with soulfourge and planning area for missions/fishing.

On the roof, there are private quarters to count powerscrolls and roll around on your bear skin rug with the most powerful of artifacts!
The Salty Serpent - Luna Vendor House - Custom Castle

Located just outside the Eastern Luna Gate of Luna can be found The Salty Serpent Vendor and Aquarium.
Starting from the Roof you will find the formal garden and the Head of the Salty Serpent, winding down around the edges of the building and cascading down from level to level.

Upon the second floor there is a musical vendor, Harpsichord with all possible tracks, The Dining Hall, and the Dojo.

From here you can see the beginnings of the Aquarium featuring Fish, Crab, And Lobster species from around the world.

The first floor contains crating areas for Imbuing, Inscription, Alchemy, and Tinkering. Living quarters can also be found on this level.

The northern end of the ground floor showcases Cooking, Carpentry, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing zones along with the widest variety of fish to be found on this server.

The Aquarium features all common fish, crabs, and lobsters from the lands along with many Rare fish and differs depending upon the viewing level.

Each level is different but also showcases some of the lower level through the application of optical illusion.

Upon the lower level are a variety of well stocked vendors.
Ok boys and girls it is time to vote on your favorite house. Drag over the post of the house you think is the best and hit the HEART button. One vote per IP. Anyone caught cheating the system will be banned and disqualified.