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House Hue Raffle!


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Hello fine citizens! Tired of those drab stone colors of your keep or perhaps you want to spruce up the sandstone of your villa. We have a solution for you!


We have joined forces with the UOAlive Raffle team to randomly give out a special house dye of choice using the marvelous BOD colors all tailors covet. Seen here: http://uoalive.com/forum/index.php?threads/bod-hues.428/

If you win this raffle you will be able to pick any color (except blaze) for your house, be it a castle or a small sandstone! All proceeds go to keeping the PKs at Bay here at UOAlive.

Good luck!

Begins: April 1st
Ends: May 1st

Holy shit, I was literally just wondering if we could paint our houses on this server earlier this morning! Crazy!