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The thing is, UO is what it is. PvP for some, PvE for others, but it is the same thing for everyone by means of being a Sandbox MMO. You are allmeant to play together, whether that means fighting or sitting around a campire the experience is determined by you guys/girls.

What we do have to make sure is happening is that it isn't just a FFA fuck fest, there has to be rules to the chaos. We never started this erver saying it would be "ONE COOKIE CUTTER" and we will never say a patch we do HAS TO STAY. But we take risks and we make big changes with the idea that this will better the server and help bring more people and give them the tools to do just what UO is mean to do: create your own story.

So whatever your playstyle is, remember you create your story, you create your world, your towns, your friends in UO. So go out there and start creating!


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I wanna update this:

You can play UO without scripts. But you won't be "the best". I believe that is a good thing. The problem is that many players who used to play the game want the most efficient route, because let's be honest we played the hell out of this game. But does that make for the best game-play? It is arguable that some people may enjoy it better than others, but UO is this magical sandbox mmo where the only mechanics I need are the freedom to roam and make my own decisions. In my entire time in UO I never once did high end PvE since the beta! I just interacted with people, the world, and the economy. Crazy. I was very good at using the world and game to my advantage. If the game offers it I want to situationally use it to my advantage. That is the magic of UO and the players.

This is why I don't believe in min maxing UO. I believe in interacting with the players, creating events, and engaging in the now overlooked magic of an "ONLINE" video game. It is fucking magic.

Take a step back, interact with the players, let some imagination into your game, and you will be amazed at what it can offer.

Remember this?

All I wanted to do when I saw that was to make a tavern and become an inn keeper. Ya know what? 1 year later I did it after all the trials and tribulations and it was awesome. But it took me a year to figure out how to get there. I didn't rush, I stayed blissfully ignorant. And it was where all my memories of this game remain. In those moments of ignorance and engagement with the world around me. I don't remember maxing out my skills. I remember opening my inn to my guild mates and listening to their banter as they sat at my digital tables, drinking my digital ale. Wow.. that was memorable!

Let's be honest if you played this game way back, you have seen nearly everything already and don't get jazzed by farming one more gold piece. But when a real human walks past you and the words "Hi" appear over their head, that is where you have a chance for magic.

Put a little trust in the MASSIVELY MULTI PLAYER ONLINE part of a roleplaying game.
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