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King of the Mountain!


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I often think about how a good game of King of the Mountain would be set up. This has always been a favorite style of PvP to me, and I think it could work in UO perfectly well.

  • Location where there is a structure or hill that a definitive "top" could be reached via walking
  • An activation spot would be located at the "top"
  • Once a player activates it, they would be flagged as "King" and start a counter. The counter will stop when the player loses the "King" status. The counter total remains until the match is over, increasing only when you are flagged "King"
  • Other Players must kill the "King" to reset the flag
  • If the "King" leaves the area (perhaps in retreat) they would also lose/reset the flag
  • At the end of the match, the player with the most total points (from time spent as "King") wins the match
Now of course, I am not a programmer, but I believe it would be rather easy to make. A similar set of rules could apply to many PvP event options.

Let me know what you guys think!