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Legendary Legendary Phoenix (3 Magic types!)


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Legendary Phoenix

Introducing the Legendary Phoenix variants, each aligned with a master of positive karmic magic: Mysticism, Magery, and Spellweaving. These majestic creatures possess unique attributes and over capped amplifiers, expanding the realm of new build possibilities within each mastery.

Prepare to witness their awe-inspiring presence on the battlefield, with stats ranging from 150 to a staggering 250 for their mastery amplifying skills, unheard of in the taming world. Aspiring tamers, behold the ultimate magical creatures, from the ashes they came, to the ashes they will lay waste to your enemies, wielding devastating power with unrivaled magical glass canon builds to unique AOE setups! To further distinguish their magnificence, each Phoenix variant showcases a distinct hue associated with its corresponding mastery.

We anticipate that this new creature will enhance the variety of pets available for you to choose as your companions in battle! And while we're on the subject of Rising from the Ashes... Keep an eye on two new locations known for their eruptive potential to bring forth such beings, as there have been rumors of more phoenix sightings! It has been reported that a phoenix's feathers never decay...

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