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We wanted do a post about the Devs of UOAlive to explain more about ourselves. What we do, have done, and plan on doing. We want you to know we are approachable vs directing everyone and keeping too much distance. I think you all would agree.

We need to make it clear we are here to have fun too. We do take on more responsibility but we don't want to have that "boss" "worker" mentality. We want it to be open, free flowing, and comfortable. We don't want to throw people off when we are goofing around or the like. It is important for us and for the community. So here ya go, a word from your ...sponsors?

Hello all, I am Tristan.

I have been an avid gamer since my father first got the Atari way back when. He always wanted me to play games so he had someone to play with and at first I was not interested at all, but then we went to arcades and Beast Master(LEVELLLL UPPPP) and TMNT(Donatello of course) were released... yeah I was hooked. When I got my first Nintendo I was pretty much glued to the screen when I visited my dad. Actually helped with the divorced parents, go visit dad jitters. Then Sega Channel was announced and I thought I was in heaven when my parents both said, Oh wow that is cool, of course you can have that. Mind you I spent 3 days figuring out how to sell it to them so they would say yes, and I didn't even have to argue for it haha. Then it was all downhill after I got my first PC which was an Apple. I played the Diablo and Warcraft games on 14k. It was amazing! Me and my neighbors would run all speed hacks just to play at normal speed. But all my friends had PC's and I was sad, because I kinda missed the Doom and Wolfenstein games. We tried "bootcamp" back then and yeah that never worked but it was fun times to spend with my dad trying to get it to work. It was OUR things to do. Mostly as I got older he was the guy who helped me clean the viruses off my PC because I was really bad at all of that.

So majority of the time gaming to me meant going to my friends house down the block, eating all their food, and sitting in the room kicking ass. Consoles were my life. Other than when the brother of my other best friend Chris would come in and say "Let's go spy on the neighbors", and of course I would go outside over games cause I enjoyed it better and secretly thought I was a spy.

Well my first PC machine was right at the time Ultima Online came out. And I will never forget having dual isdn and logging in saying "Hi are you real" to the first person and them sayin, YES! I was hooked to MMO's from that point on. Shit this is where I learned that school sucked and gaming worlds were better. I would day dream of the music, what I was gonna do when I got home, and I would rage quit hard when I died in that game. I was the only one in Social Studies that knew what a Scimitar was because of UO. I also was a pure newb for about 2 years. After that, I learned to fend for myself and I turned into a PvP addict. If it wasn't multiplayer I didn't want to play it. So much so that my Dad started to regret getting me into gaming so much because he no longer had the upper hand. Haha.

So why am I telling you this?

I want you to know ME as a person,(hyper, passionate, super excitable, talks a lot, invasive, sarcastic, and other dating site adjectives) not only as the "Admin". It is and always has been important that UOAlive be a place where everyone can come and get away from their everyday lives and be themselves. That applies to myself and all the other devs and staff as well. We are here because we love gaming and don't mind the extra responsibility required to help things progress, expand, and get organized to play with one another.

I do freelance directing and photography as my career. I worked for Blizzard as a cinematic artist directing in game cinematics for 4 and a half years. Before that I directed theatre and acted. I love being in crowds, talking, being open, sharing, and helping to pull out the potential of those around me. It is VERY important that everyone here understands that all the Devs, Staff, and myself are not here to dictate, nor are we here to have that "distanced" relationship that often comes with "being in charge". We put ourselves on the ground floor everyday. This is often contradictory to any leading strategy out there(and those I have had to use in all aspects of my jobs), but through transparency, honesty, and passion for the community and gaming, we have found it works great! We don't believe that you should NOT message us with issues but sometimes it may be easier to make a forum post than to discord PM us as we have more time to really read it over. We all treat each other as equals and therefore make decisions together. The future of this server depends on it!

Our personalities are all very different with the tying bond of passion for games and this community. There is a great equalization that comes with that, so our choices are often diverse and fitting to the whole, not just individual needs. We also understand individual needs and attend to those when brought to our attention.

That being said, I asked all the Devs/Staff and myself to write out something about ourselves so when we are playing games, posting on the forums, or in Discord, or personally see me: High energy, talking like a 3 year old child who NEEDS you to see the cool thing "Mom Mom Mom Ma Ma Ma Mommy mommy!!", you don't get thrown.

We put in a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure it all works and feels right for those who reside here. As well we make sure WE are having fun too.

UOAlive is much more than just a new server, it is a community, it is our home! We innovate and evolve everyday. We "outlast release dates" because we are not afraid to say, "This actually sucks" and make changes. We always have each other, which I believe means a whole lot. We value relationships. So don't get too caught up on the "idea of a game" but the actual game in front of us, and the beautiful and exciting personalities all around.

So with that said, I hope you understand more about myself and the others, how we are part of the community as much as you, and we will never treat you all like subordinates, but friends and family.
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