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Introducing the New UOAlive Milestone: Encounters!

At UOAlive, we're constantly striving to enhance your gaming experience, and we're excited to unveil our latest project: Encounters! We've been hard at work refining this system to bring you a dynamic and immersive gameplay feature that adds depth and excitement to your adventures in the Living breathing world.

Here's a glimpse into what you can expect from the new Encounters System:

Design Goals:

- Make the world feel alive: Through dynamic events and challenges, we aim to breathe new life into the game world.
- Enhance exploration: Encounters will reward players who venture off the beaten path and delve into the unknown or just get lost in the world.
- Create a difficulty level that scales with you as you play. Progression through the tiers is a huge part of Encounters.
- All progression is personalized to your character!
- Demons from below: Certain dungeon content will now spill out into the world, offering new ways for players to experience this content.
- Introduction of the [Astral] creatures. These are a new type of tamable pet that breaks away from metas and allows some of the normal wildlife to be faithful companions. Depending on your facet, there are 17 new tame-ables in all! Pay attention to textual and audio queues! They are very rare!

- Add new and fun Achievements to be collected!

- All encounter creatures are labeled so you know when you have completed it!

- Add a sense of urgency to completion. It will take a fearsome warrior to complete some encounters. There will be no trips to the corpse summoner for these! Fight or Flee. The Choice is yours!

Frequency / Progress / Rewards:
- Encounters will spawn as players traverse the world, adding an element of unpredictability and danger to your journeys. (don't worry there is a cooldown so you don't get ambushed constantly!)
- There will be tiers(difficulty) of these encounters and achievements for completing/progressing through them.
- Of course there are the rewards for completing the encounters and those rewards will scale based on difficulty.
- Artifacts have a chance to spawn(based on luck) in the Treasure Encounters!​
- Event Tokens have a chance to drop from all encounters depending on difficulty.​
- Track your progress through the Encounter Stats for your Character! Type [encounterstats

Types of Encounters:
1 - Ambushes: Varied monsters and obstacles that players may encounter during their travels.
Screenshot 2024-05-02 152708.png

2 - Lost and Found Treasure Encounters: Opportunities to unearth valuable loot and uncover hidden riches.
Screenshot 2024-05-02 153008.png

3 - Portal Mini-champs: Face off against formidable foes from the Abyss, right in the heart of the game world.

4 - Crafters who are resource gathering: You too will face encounters but they will be very very tame in comparison. Make sure to bring some armor and a weapon when you go out now. There is danger lurking in the trees and mines!

Encounters represent a different approach from our previous focus on "Harmony of Heroes" milestones, which is why we waited until now to release this epic milestone! Encounters are aimed at making the world of UOAlive feel more alive and dangerous. Whether you're exploring solo or with friends, these encounters promise to inject new dynamic experiences into your gameplay sessions. Remember, these encounter creatures are not your run of the mill forest dwellers, they have quite a few tricks up their sleeves.
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I've wanted nothing more from the first time I made a Tamer in original UO than to have viable "woodland animal" pets instead of typical meta beasts. These paired with overworld exploration encounters makes for my dream patch. Can't wait for this!
You can thank @Insanonaut, they were the absolute inspiration for Astral creatures.