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Events Monthly Dye Tub Color Suggestions!


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So you know we like to change up the Hue of the Month dye tubs in Zento!


Well now you can influence what colors we pick!

Tell us what you would like to see next month and the ones with the most entries will be added.
I am partial to Royal Blue and Lavender, but only because that was the color combination of my wedding.
Welllp since no one else suggested hues. These will be the colors of the month! :) 1719 and 1918

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2739, nooooo I dont want it just for the fancy arcane looking carpet that screams mystical rune library :)

Hues of the month have been updated for some unique colors. An off greyish blue and a silverish blue to represent the ocean and the rest of summer. Enjoy!
Kryptonite green - Hue 1914

Heartwood Green - Hue 1193

Dull Copper esc - Hue 2422

Gnaw's blue colour - Hue 1195

Some suggestions :D