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Past Events Moonglow Fashion Week - Theme: WAR - Submit by end of June 15th


*Written in a sharp hand upon high quality parchment:*

~ A fair day to all who come across this posting.

It has come to my attention that a magical dress form of transmogrification has been made available to the greater world of Sosaria. In the name of FASHION, I suggest a friendly competition!

I wish to see your interpretation of WAR!
Show me battle ready gear; a hardened warrior, a spy, a combat mage... or surprise me with another approach entirely, if you are so able. I welcome all takes, both the most literal and the most abstract. For example, blood goes hand in hand with the idea of war, and that deep red shade does make for a gorgeous fabric.

Submit proof of your creative prowess here. We shall JUDGE your look as a community, and the top three favorites shall receive a prize.

Illyria de Lorne
Court Sorceress of Moonglow

Hey, friends! I want to host a little fashion competition. Make an outfit that fits the theme "WAR" and post it below by June 15.

Once entries are closed on June 16, I will consolidate them and have us all vote on our favorites. Top three winners get prizes from yours truly.

If you have never heard of the transmog dress form on this shard, you can read more about it here!
Here is my entry...