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IMPORTANT More than 3 accounts for Families, loved ones, roommates, etc!

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We encourage the joy of families and friends playing together in the same house, fostering a positive gaming environment. To accommodate households with more than three accounts, users can open a HELP TICKET on Discord, providing proof of cohabitation and successfully completing in-game tests. This exception is made to enhance the gaming experience for those living together. However, unauthorized sharing or exploitation of this policy may result in temporary bans or, if severe, a ban on all associated accounts. We prioritize fair play and cooperation within the gaming community.

To Do:
  • Open a HELP TICKET on discord to apply for accounts for others of the same household if the accounts will exceed 3. We will happily make an exception and tag your accounts as such.
  • You will need to provide proof you live with multiple people playing and pass a few in game tests to have your petition accepted for more than 3 accounts.
  • Doing this on your own without opening a ticket can result in temporarily being banned as we keep a log of accounts being shared.
  • If we find you exploiting this we will ban all accounts.
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