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IMPORTANT No Pay to Win or Pay to Play Items, EVER

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UOALIVE wanted to do things different. Rather than ask our players for donations, we will only ever ask our players to publicize the shard in their own way. From web posts, forum advertising, to voting this is all we will ever ask.

Shard Support Information
• UOALIVE staff will never solicit items or advancement for donations.
• UOALIVE will never implement a donation shop.
• UOALIVE will never implement any form of website advertising.
• The Server will never shut down due to lack of funds.
• Donations will be used primarily for advertising services to attract more players to UOALIVE.
• Any leftover funds will be used for our hosting costs.
• No funds will ever be used to pay staff or contractors for services.

Why Support UOALIVE?
• Your generous donations help keep UOALIVE free of donation coins and the pay to play model.
• All donations are spent on the betterment of the server, from advertising to web hosting to software licenses.

Can't afford to Donate? Help us popularize the shard!
• Posting information and media about the shard on various gaming sites and blogs.
• Contacting current and former Ultima Online players to let them know about UOALIVE.
• Internet advertising donations on other related websites.
• To learn more about the various ways to help the shard grow click here
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