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O hello,


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My ingame name is Tintagel. My first ever UO characther revived. I had the hole round table going in my first attempt to manage the gameplay. Still can't. :)
I always have been craft orientated, I love the mindless manuall weaving of my fabric. My best friend introduced me to a family shard, but I was only allowed to play if I created a fighter character. I had to learn to deal with confrontation in real live.
All I found out was that I hate fighting, even when it is to optain the top resources. I never got to that. Always struck a deal with an allround fighter.
I'm here to become an allround master crafter and I'll be needing some help. I'm a chicken when it comes to killing so I was glad to be a gamemaster on my last server and still a clutch when it comes to gameplay. Hence my crafting preference.
Some of you might know me as Gwendydd. One of you did refer me to here.
You where right skillgain is good here.Magery at 100 today. Afraid I lost my young status already due to focus and medi to skyrocket alongside it.