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Player Written Guides Odd Builds - Mystic Tank

Welcome to another Odd Builds. This is by no means a fully formed build or the best of the best but is here to help me remember what I'm doing and hopefully inspire you all to make your own weird builds or improve on mine. It will also be a cheap build so good for new players to start building gold before moving onto anything more expensive or tough to play.

Mystic Tank

This build is designed around survival and can work for both solo and group play, particularly with the Quality of Life taunting that we can do on UOAlive.


Main Skills
The build is fairly simple and starts out as a standard melee build. The weapon skill is entirely up to you; I chose mace fighting purely because I hadn't got a character that used maces yet. You'll want your weapon skill at 120 ideally but the others can all stay at 100. Anatomy and Tactics help with dealing damage, Parry should help you to survive as will Healing. The final skills are Mysticism and Focus; you could switch Focus for Imbuing if you wish to create your own armours and don't have it on another character as both Focus and Imbuing act like Eval Int does for Magery. Focus will also increase your mana and stamina regen.


I decided to take Mysticism for this build mostly due to Stone Form. Reading the description of Stone Form gave me the idea for the entire build. You gain an increase to physical damage that you do and also increase all your resistance caps but attack slower and cast slower. This can be offset with enough swing speed or faster casting. The main bonus for Stone Form is that it can neutralise poison, strangle, bleed, sleep and stat reduction effects. How effective these bonuses are will be based on your mysticism and focus or imbuing skills. Because of this bonus, you may wish to increase your skills beyond 100. My original plan was to use jewels with +30 to 4 of the skills.

Other nice spells you can use are Cleansing Winds (neutralises poisons, lifts curses and heals all in one cast), Healing Stone (creates a healing stone that acts like a potion in your backpack but requires a free hand to use), Sleep/Mass Sleep (debuffs movement speed, attack speed, casting speed, hit chance and defense chance for one/multiple enemies) and Enchant Weapon (temporarily adds a hit spell effect of your choice, e.g. lightning, fireball etc).


Str and dex are the important ones here. It's up to you if you max out dex for the swing speed increase or strength for the extra hp. Int can remain at 10/low as you can increase this with gear to gain extra mana. Dex also influences your healing speed. Remember healing speed is faster on UOAlive and can reach 2s when healing yourself.

Mastery is very individual for this build and entirely based on your preference. I chose to go with Parrying to continue the tanking roleplay element. This gives you Shield Bash (a skill that can cause damage, paralyse the enemy and interrupt spell casting), Bodyguard (you can choose to absorb some damage done to a chosen friendly target) and Heightened Senses (a sustain ability that increases your chance to parry).
You could also choose to go with your weapon skill mastery or the Mysticism mastery. There are other builds that are built around this mastery and don't use a weapon skill but instead use "Mystic Weapon" from the mastery for their weapon skill (works like mage weapon but using your Mysticism skill).


As always, gear will be a personal preference but a good starting point is the below.

Jewellery - If you wish to go the skills route you will likely only have +skills on them. Whichever skill you use for your mastery you will want at natural 120, then you can boost any others with the ring and bracelet. The option I went for was str, dex, int, hit chance increase and damage increase.

Armour - You can choose the base armour you prefer; for roleplay purposes I have gone with plate armour but studded leather would give a good middle ground for both LMC and resisting stamina loss when hit. I imbued the suit to hit 74 in all resistances (the new cap for me when I'm in Stone Form) except cold which only gets to 66. Every piece also has Stamina Increase, Reflect Physical Damage, Lower Mana Cost and Lower Reagent cost. I also use the Holy Grail tabard to increase Int, Faster Cast Recovery and Faster Casting.

Weapons - This will vary depending on the skill you've taken. For groups of enemies I use a barbed whip for the Whirlwind special ability. I have imbued it with mana leech, life leech, Spell Channelling, Hit Chance Increase and Damage Increase. I also enhanced it with valorite to hit for a little bit of every elemental damage. There is a whip with whirlwind for swords and fencing as well but any can work. Whips are also quite fast (for macing weapons at least) so lower the stamina requirement to get a good swing speed.

Shield - I have imbued my shield with Spell Channelling and Reflect Physical Damage. I also enhanced it with bronze to get some additonal resists to help round out my suit. If you can find a base shield with swing speed increase on that would help as well.

The important stats above are LMC, LRC, hit life leech and hit mana leech. I went for Reflect Damage Increase as well as if I'm tanking damage I may as well put it to some use and make enemies hurt themselves! LRC could be dropped if you don't really use anything except Stone Form, if you keep a spare LRC suit around purely for getting into form, which would free up another slot to fully max resists or add something else such as stam, mana or hp increase.



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Thanks Schuyler! When I saw it I just got inspired. Especially considering one reason Vamp form is so popular is the poison neutralising, so the fact is has that and a bit of resist spells built in with the stats debuff resisting, it had to be tried out :)
I've started running something similar and really enjoying it! You were definitely a big inspiration. I'm running with a mystic weapon variant. Mysticism/Focus/Parry/Bushido/Anatomy/Tactics/Healing

I love the freedom to use basically any weapon I like, including throwing (as a gargoyle). I like the triple layered defense between bushido, healing and mysticism. I like spamming lightning strike and momentum strike. It's great being able to throw out a hailstorm or summon a colossus in a pinch.

The main drawback I've found is that you have no "safety net". Mystic weapon is generous and can be cancelled to rebuff, but if it does go down you're kind of up a creek. This is made even more concerning because stone form makes you so slow meaning you can't just get away from the nasty thing that's biting you every time you try to cast a spell. Magery jewelry to cast protection may help with this worst-case scenario, but mostly I think I just have to be careful.
Thanks so much for this feedback and alternative take! This is precisely what I want to happen with my guides; not for someone to blindly follow a set of instructions, but to go out and have fun in a way that fits them, using my suggestions as a starting block :) I haven't ever played around with mystic weapon myself but I've seen talk of it over the years and it does sound pretty fun, aside from the fact I'd have to pay attention to the timer and I just know I'd let it drop off just as I'm facing down an ancient wyrm :)