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One of a kind Shame Loot


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Has this ever happened to you?



Worry no more! The Britannian Security Agency has the cure for what ails you! Introducing...

Coming to you from the distant future, from the year 2011, these items were mistakenly spawned as a part of the mysterious, new Random Magic Item Generation System. They contain attributes that simply don't exist anywhere else, and are very much one of a kind.

I have personally cleared out all spawns of these items, so this is it! These are all of them! The only ones that exist! And they're in stock now at my vendor near Yew Gate!


Below are some pictures of a few examples of the rarities. Remember, these items are one of a kind!





And of course, for those of us that have unlucky days, now you can blame it on your gear!


For those still reading (and not rushing off to be the first owners of these deliciously rare items), I do have a few more stashed away for a rainy day. I kept the dregs of the bunch around for anyone who wants to own a Minor or Lesser Magic Item that's not all that interesting otherwise. If you're looking for some bling at a low cost, let me know and we can work out a deal there.

Thanks for reading! Come shop!
Cosmoe: I do not understand the question.

Everyone: Since this loot is very rare, and therefore very expensive, it will return to the vendor once the maintenance prices have been lowered. Thank you for your patience!