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Patch 1.8.17 - Amazing House Additions and More!


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Surveyor Project and Housing:
  • Added a ton of Surveyor addons such as docks, birdhouses, portals, dog houses, etc.
  • Added a Yard tool for some amazing customization to your home! You must have at least 1 gp in your pack to place stuff cause UO. Also it is very sensitive to where you are standing so get close to the right edge of your house if placing to the right, and left if placing to left etc.

  • Added a hearthstone "HomeStone" that can be marked in a home or inn for a free recall every 30 minutes. These can be purchased from the gold vendor.
  • Equalization of Armor Ignore, no more 80 hit crits.
  • War Bears have been added. These will not be rideable but they have pack instinct. Should make for an interesting battle companion. These are low level tameables only needing 75 taming to control. Great for the newbie tamer.

World Bosses, Champions, and Powerscrolls:
  • Increased amount of Power Scrolls that drop off of Champions to 6
  • Powerscrolls must now be eaten in order of 105, 110, 115, 120
    • This means you cannot eat a 120 without first eating a 105 110 and 115 of that respective skill. This will make these scrolls less disappointing, less canon fodder, and a major economy item.
    • THIS CHANGE WILL NOT EFFECT THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY EATEN A HIGH POWERSCROLL. I.E. If you used a 120 you are still at 120, if you used a 105 you will need the next consecutive scroll and so on.
  • 105 Powerscrolls now drop off Champions.
  • Tweaked Gold Drops from World Bosses and Champions
  • Corrected issue of not receiving a world boss token if you did damage to the boss(please report if you run into any issues)
  • Increased chance of getting a 105 powerscroll or scroll of transcendence off spawn.

  • Removed all stairs from Barracoon Champion spawn in Despise.
  • Barracoon can now teleport you to him.
  • Barracoon now has an AOE curse from his terrible music.
  • Barracoon now has Rabies and if you get too close you may get Rabies...

  • Reduced Gold drop of Harrower
  • Reduced amount of Stat Scrolls a Harrower can drop.
  • Fixed an issue where you would only get 1 Bloodycoin for being in the Britain Bank Safe Zone, you will now properly get 3.
  • In case you missed it there is a back alley vendor mall in Brit. 2 vendors per person.
Known Issues we are still working on and are high priority:
  • World boss spawns restart the first level after completion.
  • World Boss tokens don't always go into everyone's pack who has done damage
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