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Patch Patch 10/9/2023 - Migration Part 2 - Few Bug fixes etc,


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🌟 Second Propagation 🌟

Consider this Patch 1.6, a necessary step before the big Patch 2 of our Portal/UOAlive ID Milestone for UOAlive. It's not just a patch; it's a second migration, laying the foundation for future improvements. During downtime, expect a slight delay as the DNS (login.uoalive.com) adjusts to the new location. Our hope is this improves any micro stutters you may have experienced and gives you a better overall connection to the server.

TLDR: The login server will take between 5-30 minutes, depending on when your local internet provider adjusts to the new DNS. In simple terms, it's like waiting for your GPS to find the fastest route and all you have to do is wait. If you login and get a socket error, it means it hasn't propagated yet.


  • hopeful fix for 2023 cloak issues with Gargs
  • Fix for parrots being worn by Gargs
  • remove grim reaper broadcast. Participate in entire event to know when they spawn.
  • Adjust the Succubus on IDOCs
    • Less health (still quite a large pool) if you wanna attempt that nightmare.
    • Limiter on the waves of damage when she is damaged to prevent spam.
    • Increase to the damage done by those waves SIGNIFICANTLY
    • Scaled damage from the waves based on, pet, summon, player. (You hit the succubus with AOE, you may survive... you hit her with poison, more likely, you hit her with Toothless, don't expect to not eat dirt) We expect this to shake up the meta a bit. So give it time to adjust to.
  • Adjusted the Altar at Marble Champ Spawn to not block pathing.