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Patch Patch 11/14/2022 - Event Tweaks

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  • Login Prizes will be give out to show your Team Affiliation "Team Witches" or "Team Witch Hunters!"
  • Treasure chests can now be accessed by everyone. This means you can group loot, remove chests that have been left out to rot, and the like. This is still UOAlive, so anyone found griefing this system will be removed from UOAlive.
  • Any items from this event that are "special" or "one of a kind" will be added to the Event Stone soon after and purchasable with Event Tokens thus expanding the time frame you can get them if and when the event ends, like we do with all special events in UOAlive.
  • There will be a finale to this event, so stay tuned for more info.
  • Monster Statuettes have been removed from the Vet Rewards and the drop rate increased from mobs to give these items a rarity and better trade value.
  • New Transmog Items added the stones in Magincia!
  • Remember to look at the Newsletter and #events channel in discord for more info on Events going on! They often include exclusive info!
Bug Fixes:
  • Some shit here and there lawls.
  • Bosses in the Skara Brae Event have a 20% chance to drop an artifact up from 10% (directly to bag)
  • Mobs and Bosses in Skara Brae have a 5% chance to drop a cosmetic / Deco item up from 1% (can drop on corpse or appear in your bag)
  • All mobs have had a general damage/hp pool adjustment made on them to make it all feel a bit more fun, less spongy.
  • Turduken Spawn Rate has been increased by 3X
  • Turduken monster spawn rate has also been increased to balance
  • Turduken Butcher has been renamed to Butcher and has a visual cue to better recognize them. You can also READ more about it here: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/giant-turkeys-appear-near-ophidian-lair-on-t2a.1152/
  • The obnoxious fire dye from the UOStore has been removed from the game. This is the kind of neons we don't want in UOAlive.
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