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Patch Patch - 2/16/24 - Murder, Factions, and Dyes Oh My!


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  • New items on the Magincia Stone Exchange
    • "I Wish To Become a Murderer" Potion, which for RP and Flare purposes turns you into a murdered and your name becomes red! (this may effect your abilities to use certain functions in game like a real murderer!)
    • "I Wish To Renounce my Sins" Potion, this will reverse the effects of the murderer potion and bring you to the side of honor and light again with a blue name.
    • Added Burn Orange / Red dye to Pet Dye Magincia Stones.
    • Added all 7 Faction Colors to Pet Dyes on Magincia Stones
    • Added Blaze Dye to Pet Dyes on Magincia Stone
  • Event Rewards for Valentines dates fixed to not say 2023 in 2024
  • Poison Strike Truly fixed and having the addition functionality of higher poison better chance to apply it!
  • NPC's backend updates from feedback for their new tools.
    • Fix Epaulletes and Parrot issues with NPC commands.
    • Brand New Player Token for NPCs to hand out (it will allow a player who accrued skills to set their 5 skills to 90 as intended regardless of say focus raising past cap)
  • Fix Ancient Hell Hound Shrunken Icon from Windrunner
  • Ferret Shrunken Pet Icon Fixed from Ball
  • Typo fixed with Valentine Balloon Deed
  • Fix: Valentine Pet dyes not applying to rare pets. They can now be used on all pets.
  • Adj: Event Reward Title to just say Valentine no dates.
  • Adj: Cursed Midnight Bracers removed from drop table. (they will no longer drop in game, instead the normal ones will replace any events that dropped these)
  • Cuffs of Archemage recipe adjusted to only take the non cursed versions. (if you are one of 4 people on the server with these you can keep them as rare items or you can open a help ticket to replace them)
  • Major fix on Legendary Phoenix's. Unfortunately we introduces a bug with the Phoenix a month or two back. Only a few were effected but we need to proactively adjust them to prevent exploitation. We appreciate the reports otherwise this would have gone unseen and could hurt the economy and balance of UOAlive. We also want to make sure everyone knows we are not calling out any individual players in this circumstance and take full responsibility for the snafu. Thanks for understanding. You Phoenixes will be adjusted upon restart automatically to ONLY have skills in ONE of their three possible masteries of Spellweaving, Magery, or Mysticism.