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Patch Patch 3/24/23 - Treasure - Wiki - Achievements OH MY!

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I think today's big news is the Wiki. Found here:

A wiki is a group effort and we hope this is a great way to not only get information on UOAlive, but build out the history, lore, and important moments of UOAlive to be forever immortalized until an EMP hits and we all lose power.

But until then, if you are a UOAlive member and on discord you can sign up and begin contributing!

We ported over majority of the information with an excellent assist from community members and the Wiki should be in a place where we can open it to the public now and start pointing there instead of the random links on the forums.

Please use the Discord Wiki Channel to collaborate together on what is needed, what we wanna see, and what you are working on :)

  • Added a Wiki Book similar to the Newletters
  • Added a Book that will be located by the Quest giver for Skull of Power to see who completed what and what stage people are on to better form groups as well as just a cool achievement list. Thanks TOMJ for the awesome addition.

  • Treasure Mapping Adjustments
    • Chests will now despawn after 1 hour instead of 3(who thought that was a reasonable amount of time?)
    • If you try to remove a chest and there are still mobs out, you will be told you must clear them first.
    • One a chest is removed all mobs will despawn and not stay in the world, roaming to kill unsuspecting players and adding to the mob count sporadically.
    • Treasure maps if under a home or inaccessible should now reset within 3 Days instead of 30 days.
    • BUG FIX: We fixed the spawns per treasure chest level to be OSI accurate and this means they will actually spawn the proper level creatures as chests level up and in the amounts expected. Considering the rewards for these chests this was a bug we were HAPPY to fix. No this was not a "nerf" this was literally broken code not spawning the harder mobs like it should. So time to roll a tamer...
      • The spawns are dependant on the facet and location they are dug up as well.
    • We removed hues from many of the mobs as we found it just made it weird looking, monsters will spawn with their normal hues be it a Guardian or normal mob.
    • Fixed Tamable mobs spawning from Treasure Chests. Hello Frost Dragons, Tigers, and bears...
      • Panther
      • WildTiger
      • Lion
      • SabreToothedTiger
      • Dimetrosaur
      • Saurosaurus
      • Triceratops
      • DragonWolf
      • FrostDragon

Bug Fixes:
  • Harpy Hens should no longer look like they came from the Disco.
  • Fixed Duplicate entry with cave tiles that may have caused an issue with visuals.
  • Training Trap Kits - All kinds have had a random amount of items in them fixed to have nothing since they are not containers.
  • Turned off automatic windows updates on the new server...
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