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Patch Patch - 4/14/2023 - Vendor Sale History, New Crafting Weapons, and More!

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  • Player Vendor History of your sales is now available (nice work @anathemort ).
    • To access open your Vendor and click "View Sales History"
    • This will bring up the new Ledger of your last 25 sales with the buyer, sell price, list date, and sell date!
      Drag over the Item on the left to get your Description of the item you wrote when putting it on your vendor as well as item details.
  • "Claim List" just got a whole lot more useful!

    Drag over their name to see their Bond info, min taming req, control slots, and loyalty.
  • A new craftable sword has been added to the craft menu: The Paladin sword. This is a two hander. This was from the suggestions forum(thanks Darkend) (nice work @Tomj)
  • The Redeemer Sword has been added to the loot tables of Peerless.
  • You will now be shown Bond Info on shrunken pets on vendor search.
    • You can also use [bondinfo on a shrunken pet.
  • We added a command to force a quest that was not spawned for the Myrmidex and will apply that on restart.
  • Added the Metallic Cloth Dye Tub to the All Dye Tubs Deed.
    • Removed the Ethy mount statue dye tub as it was confusing and not useful.
  • We have reduced the price of Vendor Sold Arrows and Bolts. We will admit when we are wrong and it just seems even with the adjustment long term vendor sales just cannot keep up with demand or people just buy at the new high price which defeats the purpose. We did adjust it so if you use feathers and wood you can craft for cheaper than buying though since Fletching is a free skill. Thanks for testing this with us and allowing us to see how to economy and UOAlive members would adjust to it. We have our data and we are happy to revert it to fit the servers needs.
  • End of Invasions Announcements now give a different message instead of spamming nonsense.
  • Bank Checks in Treasure chests now drop in multiple bags and smaller amount checks to make it less "HERE IS YOUR GIANT CHECK!" and more "oooo treasureee". Maps have had gold reduced again to match the new level of monsters they spawn. (loot and kill everything and you will be at the same similar amount of gold you had before, and yes they are still worth doing, and no we are not going to revert this, and yes they did drop too much gold. Sry.. We are open to suggestions though about cooler ITEMS we can add to the treasure chests in place of gold. But these puppies are just injecting too much cash into a very balanced economy. And we want that balanced economy to stay that way. Anywho, shoot us your cool ideas in the suggestions forums or on discords patch feedback.)
  • Removed TerMur from the restricted Pet Leash areas.
  • Valorite Rare Bear renamed to Verite to match hue.
Bug Fixes:
  • Grail Reports can be dropped to the ground, still cannot be traded. Fixed an issue with extras being stuck in pack.
  • The Bod Box has had it's look and gump changed AGAIN to accommodate the enhanced client. The new one was not working. Flip your current one with a house tool to get the latest.
  • Taming a creature from treasure maps should ACTUALLY be fixed now and they should NOT dissappear. Please open a bug report if they do still.
  • Britches of Warding can now be crafted from the two types of Leggings of Bane properly.
  • Thanks to @Jupp the Enhanced Client can now view the Magical Stone Exchange items.
  • Fixed an error with fireball on bracers of Alchemical Devastation
  • UOStore inconsistencies in prices
  • Vendor History works completely now
  • Ethy Tool works on War Boar
  • Hitching Posts have visual Gump like Claim List with Stable master
  • More mobs for Stash level 1. Stash level 1 will NOT drop 0 gold anymore.
  • Strobe lantern can be toggled in hand
  • Parrots will transmog properly.
  • Daily Rare Menu Changed graphic to look like a menu @Hammerhand
  • Grail reports can really be dropped.
  • Minions of Sceletus weak to demon slaying!
    • Better loot
    • Less HP
  • SPOILERS SoP Changes from the Suggestions forum
    • Gothmog HP/damage adjustment and weak to demon slayer
    • Adjusted Gothmogs resists except fire to not so resistant to other forms. Fire needs to stay though as he is a fire god.
    • We have also reduced his health to 25k from 30k to not be an hour fight but with all the changes it should help as well.
    • We have also reduced his top end damage a bit to allow Melee to be able to fight for longer up close.
    • We adjusted the damage of the lava pools to be a bit lower and extended the time in between when they can happen significantly. This should make it feel more tactical.
    • We have blocked his area in so he cannot go past a certain point now and get tot the anhk.
    • Sceletus Density reduced for more stealth tactics and spawn timers made longer if you want to face roll them.
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