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Patch Patch 4/19/24 - Summoner Tweaks Based on Feedback & Minor Bug fixes


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  • Fixed a bug with clearing aggro on travel
  • Fixed some issues with Hunger and Eating effects triggering the sounds when they were not actually activating.
  • There is now a debuff icon if you are hungry (we think most people get like Orcs when they are hangry.. so the tooltip reflects that)
    Screenshot 2024-04-19 154422.png
  • Added preference tracking for Rising Colossus Elemental Choice (resets on world load) This way you do not need the popup everytime.
    Screenshot 2024-04-19 143202.png
  • Added command [ClearRC to manually reset RC preference
  • Tweaking the Summon Creature timers: at 120 in all your skills Magery Myst and Spellweaving you can get a total of 5 minutes.
  • Tweaking Rising Colossus timer: Boosting the max possible timer to 3:00 minutes from 2 mins this was a bug and will DEF ease a little bit of the micro as we intended in the last patch. We want the RC to have less time than the summons as the summons have a higher dispel chance and should be thought of like "spells that last". You are a glass canon behind those summons, get that pocket RC ready via Spell Trigger.
  • Ethereal Voyage: This skill now interacts with Summoners differently. You get a choice of two options: the normal Ethereal Voyage with it's normal Mob ignoring properties for X time, OR you get Ethereal Form
    Screenshot 2024-04-19 144321.png
    • Ethereal Form: This spell allows you to siphon Mana from the creatures you attack. This was inspired by a bug that allowed player to circumvent the necromancy with human racials and become a wraith. So we designed the Summoner version of Wraith as it was actually quite useful and not overpowered. This form gives you the following:
    • -5% All Resists Except Physical -10% physical Resist | 8% Hit Mana Drain (you must do damage to a mob with mana to steal theirs)
    • The purpose here is to have a give and take. If you want this form(versus the bug with wraith form), you are MORE susceptible to damage, really driving home that Glass Canon behind your summons feel.
    • Additionally this will be usable by elves, humans, and gargoyles, instead of just Humans, giving more diversity to your character pick.
  • Ethereal Burst: Summoners with ALL skills 120 (yes ALL OF THEM), will now have this spell reduced to 5 minutes from 30.
    • All Players will have this spell timer reduced to 15 minutes at 120 skill 30mins at 100-119 and 60mins between 60-100.
  • All Summons now have visible timers for how much is left on their duration
Big thanks again to those who helped beta test these features. Huge shoutout to Mike!
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