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Patch Patch 4/6/2023 - The Magical Carrot and MORE!

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So we realize our April Fools, reverse FOOL, may have been missed by some, so here it is:

The Magical Carrot, the actual ability to reset your pet's training to it's original state, one of the most highly requested features on UOAlive, maybe even Ultima Online, is REAL!

And it is a UOAlive exclusive, thanks to the amazing work and efforts of the Team!
(very special thanks to @
Read all about it here:

  • Blackthorn Captains are now weak to Repond
  • Evil Spellbook is now weak to Silver
  • My Stats now has a refresh button for when you wanna check different items and not reopen it
  • Christmas trees can now be placed all year round, BUT, when it is not Christmas, they will not have ornaments. So enjoy the lovely trees!
  • Added some treats for Easter Day Drops.
  • Pets will no longer Stam Drain each other. This includes party members pets. Players can still "trip" over their own pets as this change would change too much in terms of danger and spacial relations for a player.

  • All Undead Slayer weapons have had their name changed to "Silver" as god intended. (except on the vendor search, we may change this later, but don't want to confuse people looking for undead slaying and it is also tied to repond via hardlock Cliloc so... one small step at a time.)
  • Enchanted Soulstone Vessel now uses a completely different gump to more easily organize your Soulstones
    • Green Soulstones will now be accepted into the Vessel.
  • The Quest text for the easter quest now hints at the Magical Carrot location as well.
  • All Dye Tubs Deed Gump remade to be legible by all clients
  • Wildfire Ostard will eat raw ribs and Blackrock stew. Ribs will give it loyalty, stew power.
  • Bane Dragon will eat raw ribs and Blackrock stew. Ribs will give it loyalty, stew power.
  • Finn got a name change to Connor, he is assimilating to his robot bunny overlords.
    • Reduced the number of eggs needed to hand in to Connor to 20 from 25.
  • CuSidhe Spawns in Orc Caves have been GREATLY reduced as we have fixed the Twisted Weald SS issue and taming these should have a little bit more difficulty overall.

Bug fixes:
  • You must be within a certain area of the party for the final parts of the Skull of Power Quest to prevent afk completion.
  • Skull of power Spoiler:
    Lady Minax has been tweaked to actually fight in the battle.
    • Damage adjusted downward to be more doable.
  • Fixed Enchant Weapon and Mystic Weapon bugs
  • Fixed the dbl runic weapon names showing up on hammers, tools, etc.
  • Can use Rampage in Horrific Beast Mode
  • My Stats now read racials properly
  • Bandage time now properly SCALES with Dex. Capping out at the proper 2 second heal with the proper dex. Lower dex than the cap will result in a slower heal speed as originally intended.
  • Pirate shield will have the proper name when crafted now. Thanks @Hammerhand
  • Fixed an issue with anniversary items showing 2023 instead of 2022
  • 10 egg typo in Easter Quest fixed.
  • Ethereal Burst works properly.
  • Strobe lantern can be used at 0 tiles again.
  • Pets that are tamed from a treasure chest will not disappear when the treasure chest is deleted.
  • Spirit Speak can no longer be used to bypass the Twisted Weald walk only debuff.
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