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Patch Patch - 6/1/2023 - UI Overhauls and On the Horizon!


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New Vendor Search Capabilities


  • Commodities: Lists raw materials and Commodity Deeds
  • Crafting: Crafted items & Bulk Order Deeds
  • Recipes: Recipes by skill type.
  • Bundles: Shows all bags with items in them. ie. Bags with a LRC suit will show up here! Create your bundles now!
  • Pets: Search by slots, bond status and a number of other values.
  • Built in filters for Power, Stat, Transcendence & Alacrity Scrolls, Treasure Maps and Containers!
  • Added Search Mode for vendor search so you can specific whether it's for items or pets.
  • Moved Vendor Search options around a bit.
  • Added button next to Item Name that allows you to click an item in your inventory to populate the name criteria text box. This will also automatically change your Search Mode depending on the item type.
  • Fixed null exception error.
  • Added the comma operator for large numbers.

Vendor Search Update
  • Ability to search by weapon type
  • Added a Price Per Unit value for anything stackable. See what the best deal is!

  • Added a new Pet Results window to show you a summary of pets and their bond status.

Please do report any issues or make suggestions on additional filters you'd like to see!

Animal Lore Update


  • Added thumbnail and type information
  • Added refresh button.
  • Added additional training details in the training section.
  • Cleaned up some data to make it look more clean.
Updated Pet Stables UI
Decided to overhaul this again to match the other UI element overhauls.
Pet Stables.png

Misc Changelog:
  • All UI changes work in Enhanced Client as well as Classic
  • Semidar Logic for Reflect fixed
  • Summoner Control Slots fixed to actually accept 50/50 spellweaving/mysticism
  • Vanilla Seeds drop properly for Exodus
  • Fixed random crash
  • Fixed type with a daily Rare table
  • Gems will stack in dungeon chests
  • Fixed a type with the dead corpse of Garfield
  • Whips will drop as recipes from bods as intended
  • Fixed a rare error with bank box logic
  • Random Vesper Region Incorrectly guarded fixed
  • Food storage box accepts plums
  • Fix "chat back on" discord global chat spam
  • Fix Wands for gargs transmog
On the Horzion

We have a major Milestone patch on the Horizon. When it is ready we will be putting up a Test Center for everyone to test it out, see if we broke anything fundamental, and get a feel for the changes before we go live with it.

More info as we get closer, but it should be during June.

All fixes, changes, and patches are done as a Team. Remember to tell the team what you enjoyed as well as what we broke in Patch Feedback on Discord!
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Wait, why is "that caster" excluded from the group? Mana potions?
Also, thanks a someone pointing on global, figured that having even spirit speak (stray from some item) can negate the "summoner perk"