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Patch 6.2.18


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- Game will no longer crash from Disguise issue causing a 2 hour revert
(same length as a disguise time ironically)
-High Seas Quests: You can now get a maximum of three quests at a time from Fish Mongers and not any more before you complete one, preventing the server from freezing.
- High Seas Boat fights will no longer crash the server by clicking or hovering over a canon.
- High Seas Galleon fights will be slightly different: A boat brought to 0 HP will sink, killing all crew and sinking the Hold's treasure with it! You will now need to kill all members on board, board the boat prior to sinking it(scuttling will not sink it) and remove items from the hold. Then you can return to your boat to sink the other vessel. This not only fixed a few issues, this will make high seas content more dynamic!
- High Seas bosses will be enabled at a later date, the base work has been laid for them in an upcoming patch!
-High Seas Fish market added and updated
- Exploit fix with Britain Castle Quests has been fixed.
A special thank you to everyone that chipped in to help me get the proper help with this. It was a group effort by you all at UOAlive! And that is what makes us fucking awesome! :smiley: