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Patch Patch - 6/22/23 - New Items, Bug Fixes, Harmony of Heroes Tests


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We are going to be pushing the Harmony of Heroes near the end of the month so please please please make sure to form groups and test it out as much as you can. We still need people to test the Champion Spawns, Encounters, and now Shadow Guard additions! Also feedback on instanced loot would be great.

REMEMEBER Housing decay timers are changing as well. So please mark your calendars for July to make sure to keep up with these changes coming!


  • New Animated Flags added the Magincia Stone Exchange for House Decorations
  • New Animated Sweeepy witty kittys and puppys to adopt on the stone excange
  • New Ethereal Cloth added to the Trasmogstone
  • New Ethereal Hooded Robe Transmog added to the Transmog stone
  • added more rare color clothes from OSI to the Tailors random selling items.
  • Renowned cannot be paragons
  • Fixed Minax Robe being worn by Gargoyles
  • Allow Gargoyles to wear all hooded robs
  • fixed missing tinker bod in vendor search
  • fixed pack dye tubs on the sov stone
  • adjusted artifact gen for renowned bosses (to match rng expectations)
  • fix for Enhanced Client casting meteor swarm
  • fix for champ PS drop to pack -- if full, drop to bank instead
  • fixed Chicken Coop crash.
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