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Patch Patch 9/14/2023


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  • Continued adding backend security protection from DDoS and other exploits via injection.
  • Additional backend security for other aspects of our server and it's many moving parts.
  • Additional monitoring software for server health.
  • A bunch more that is in the patch notes on discord as well as things we cannot discuss due to their sensitive nature.
Our security measures continue to hold strong. As we near the completion of Part 2 of the UOAlive ID Portal Patch, we thank you for your patience. This is an exceptionally complex task, and we appreciate your understanding as we ensure it's done right.

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Bits and Bobs:
  • New Haven will be called "New Player Island" on character selection and be the ONLY choice on where you spawn to avoid confusion and help people get on their feet!
  • Fixed outlier issue with leaving a house and it saying 0 items were not locked down for the warning gump
  • The New Haven Message Board will now retain messages for 30 days instead of 6 hours.
  • Chicken Lizard now has a chance to drop Dragon Blood to match OSI
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