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Patch Patch 9/22/23 - Patch 2 Progress/Stability Updates


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Update on Patch 2 for the UOAlive ID and .NET 7 Upgrades: The team has "completed" the task of fortifying our servers, websites, launchers, and various login methods for the server. Notably, we have successfully incorporated substantial infrastructure enhancements, making our server more secure than ever before. The mitigation both from our providers(which we are working closely with) and our infrastructure changes(which are holding strong) have provided us an absence of continuous pressure. This has allowed us to shift our focus towards the way we like to work, with a deliberate and thorough approach, ensuring that we prioritize doing things correctly rather than reacting hastily(not that we ever did that ppfffttt). Everything is holding steady, and we are pleased with the stability achieved. We will continue to adjust, monitor, and adjust our systems as the needs arise, and continue to update the backend to accommodate any further interruptions if they arise. Ya just never know sometimes in these situations, they are very complex.

We sincerely apologize for the sporadic instability experienced by our websites and servers over the past two weeks. We believe we are approaching the end of this and are poised to emerge stronger than ever. We are very excited for what is coming next and we hope you will be too!

We will update you more as we get closer to a release of Patch 2.

  • ADJ: No more "Make Number" button if an item makes max items by default. This is how it should be otherwise making 1 shaft or 1 arrow at a time to a max of 100 would be very tedious. It will always take the maximum amount of resources you have to create these item and will no longer show the Make Amount button as it would conflict.
  • Removed Invasion Damage Score, kept kill number. (there may be a reason for this... go exploring to find out)
  • Powerscroll Bulk Salvage Bag has a warning now to not use as a home container
    • Prevent a bug with the Bulk Salvage bag allowing more than 125 items.
  • Scribers Tome can be flipped and dyed
  • Fixed the random pear-acolype issue with IDOCs
  • Fixed the random crash from last weekends with IDOC chests
  • IDOC Stygian Dragon removed until web client updates (we have no control over their timeline, but we can make it not interupt your gameplay)
  • The Britain Corpse summoner has returned his rates back to normal. (We appreciate all of you!)
  • Both the Launcher and Web Client are updated to the latest OSI patch. If you are running an older version of UO manually, please make sure to Patch manually as we will be utilizing new art come October!
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