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Patch Patch 9/8/2023 - Part 1


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This patch will be Part 1 of the ongoing protection against bad actors on UOAlive as well as placing groundwork for a much bigger addition to the UOAlive Modern MMO player experience!
  • Added new backend protection against Bad Actors. Sorry we cannot say more about this, we will see if the proof is in the pudding.
    • Fixed issues with trade window disconnects and other disconnects.
  • Added Framework for a much bigger patch coming up, that we are not quite ready to release, but we are moving along much quicker than we thought and should have "soon". (Attaching a hint image to this)
    Screenshot 2023-09-07 151404.png
    Screenshot 2023-09-06 171211.png
    • Until we have this in, going back to limiting accounts per IP. If you are a web client user, please open a #❓┃help_ticket to get help making accounts.
  • Updated to the latest .net framework for even MORE cool stuff coming down the pipe.
  • Adding Poker (Texas Holdem) to the Britain Golden Horse Casino
    Screenshot 2023-09-07 203133.png
  • Added #┃server-rules for Poker games. https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/s...arding handouts.-,Poker,-Players are required
  • Anniversary Cloak: Once you EQUIP an item such as the anniversary cloak, that can be Gargoyle or Human/Elf, it saves the mutation. This means you can transmog your specialty items, however BE CAREFUL to not equip these items on a Human/Elf if you want it on a Gargoyle or vice versa, as they will not allow you to change them back and are forever mutated to that race.

    Screenshot 2023-09-08 125352.png