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Patch Note 11.13.16


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Patch Notes 11.13.16

Town Changes:

  • Lord British's Guards have been working together with the magi of Wind to create a safer Britain. But their magic is limited. The Britain Bank rooftop has been turned into a safe haven for Citizens. You cannot be attacked or stolen from(if you could steal there would be no way to stop the thieves with the inability to cast or attack) as well this magic barrier has blocked spells for travel such as recalling to roof or gating to.
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New PvE:
  • Legendary Dragons have started to be sighted around the world in the darkest corners of the dungeons. These extremely rare creatures have special abilities and powers unlike anything that has ever been seen before. They each have special utilities and purposes. Taming one of these extremely rare beasts will be a major feat. but will reap great rewards!
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  • These will be rolling out in waves, so expect more and more as time goes on. Technical jumble: certain legendary dragons will spawn in specific dungeons depending on type. You will know what special ability they have by flavor text and seeing it in use, not lore. The color will also be an indicator.
  • A legendary dragon takes up 5 taming slots.
Vendor Changes:
  • The vendor union has determined that the prices for upkeep was too much, and has equalized so that you only need to pay 25gp per day no matter how many items you are selling per vendor. Renters of vendors can still set their prices according to their own choices as they are not part of the Union.

On The Horizon:

  • Being able to set cash bounties on Murderers properly
  • Being able to turn in the head of a murderer to a bounty guard for temp stat loss
  • A negotiation to buy back your head if you are killed to pay your way out of being statted.
WHY: The thing is PvP in UO is ALWAYS tilted in favor of the PK because the PK can scout and wait for you to have 100 mobs on you to strike. So the outcome is usually ALWAYS in favor of the red.

So we have to find ways to make it so if you DO survive let alone kill the player, you get a reprieve for a moment to enjoy your win.

That is where temp stat loss comes in.

Brit graveyard is a no cut zone. So you cannot be statted there.


We are looking into adding a tournament system for 1v1, 2v2, etc. In this system you can challenge others to a duel and fight for prizes and points. You will not lose items, stats, or gear in these fights.

As always these items not implemented are subject to change prior to making it into the game.
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