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Patch Notes 1.1.17 - World Bosses and So Much More! Happy New Year!


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Worlds Bosses:

This is our biggest addition for the new year! We hope you enjoy them!

-New Monsters
-New artifacts
-New encounters
Check out the story and mechanics here:

Insured Items:

- PvP Deaths only charge you 2k per item insured now, down from 5k.
- 50% insured gold from killing another player goes to the killer and 50% goes to the bank instead of 75% going to the player
Reasoning: This will make farming players less of a "thing" and making it so you need to bounty a red in order to stat them if you wish to exact revenge. As well it will encourage more PvP and less res killing as the rewards won't be as high.

Reward Distribution:

Added a new distribution method for admins to do handouts in game.

Female armor:
Female armor can now be worn by male characters just like female characters can wear male armor. The items effects:
  • Studded Bustier
  • LeatherShorts
  • Studded Arms
  • Plate Chest
  • Leather Skirt
  • Leather Chest

Two new Legendary Dragons:
Blaze Dragon


Water Dragon

Added a new fish-able lake addon for anyone wishing to add to their player town.

Unique Rares:

New Rideables that will drop from World Bosses with a very VERY low chance. These will be extremely rare ethy mounts. They will also be available via the donation vendor.
Spider mount:

Super Magical Unicorn Mount:


Monster Loot Table Adjustments:
These monsters have been adjusted to be worth the effort involved in killing them.
Diseased Blood Elemental (Shame 5)
Eternal Gazers (Shame Gazer room)

On the Horizon:
We are looking into adding addition ways for Melee Characters to PvE. Relics that only effect PvE and not PvP to give you more utility as say a tamer. Stay Tuned!
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